Where Can I Send A Fax Near Me?

Monday, March 02, 2020

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Wondering Where to Send a Fax? Do it Online, With No Fax Machine.

Let’s be honest - fax machines were out of touch over a decade ago, and they haven’t gotten much easier to use, or much more affordable since. Sending a fax manually takes a long time to do a relatively simple task, and it’s generally pretty inefficient in terms of tracking, storing or keeping your data safe in today’s modern age.

As a business owner handling a team that send hundreds or thousands of faxes per month from dozens of offices, your traditional options are:

Both options come with cons that can slow down your processes, create risks and problems with information, and cost you much more than sending a document should in our digital world.

Put simply, you need a practical solution that allows you to save money, time and that allows your team to remain organized - while adding convenience to the process. Something you can take with you on the go, that allows you to send a fax from anywhere instantly, online - rather than being tied to physical locations with restricted hours.

If you’re looking for the best way to “send a fax near me,” eFax has the solution for you. Forget about taking the time to drive all the way to a fax service near you, within their hours of operations, pay ridiculous fees per page, and all the other hassles that come with fax services.

Send and receive faxes in minutes.

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How Can I Send a Fax Online? Mobile, Tablet or Desktop

Getting started sending faxes on your computer or mobile device is as easy as this: 

1. Make an eFax Account 

Make your account in just 3 easy steps here. Start for as low as $16.95 per month.

2. Download the eFax App or Use the Online Portal

Download the eFax mobile app or tablet app from the Apple Store, or the Google Play Store, or visit the website on desktop. 

3. Log in to Your Account 

Once you’ve made an account, log in to get started sending faxes. 

4. Click “Send Faxes” and Fill in Your Recipient Information

Choose an address from your address book, add a message, take a photo of your document and then fax it over to them with just a few clicks. 

5. Send and Receive Faxes on All Devices 

Lifetime storage and more awesome features make online faxing quick and easy. Forget the hassle of sending faxes the traditional way - send your faxes online with eFax. You’ll save time, money and make your life easier.

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Why Should I Use eFax Instead of Fax Services Near Me?

The eFax platform is built entirely around convenience and affordability: 

  • Save on cost per fax by paying monthly
  • Easily and securely store your faxes online and access them any time 
  • Send and receive faxes from any device - even your mobile phone  
  • Save time, money and hassle
  • Send faxes any time, not just when the fax service near you is open

While other companies like UPS, FedEx, Staples and Office Depot offer fax services, they also have hours of operation. If your faxing need doesn’t fit that schedule, you’re out of luck until the next morning - which can really slow things down when working with clients in different time zones. With eFax services, you can fax or receive your documents 24/7, from any device.

If you’re sending to multiple recipients using a traditional fax service near you, it takes a lot of time - which is mostly wasted on such a remedial task. Traditional fax machines only let you send faxes one by one, even if you’re sending the same document to multiple contacts.

Quit wasting valuable time hitting the same button over and over and send your document electronically to multiple contacts with the click of a single button. Now that’s faxing that fits the future.  

eFax FedEx* UPS*
Price - Single Document (per page) $0.15 or less $1.89 $2.00
Price - Extra Documents (per page) $0.15 or less
Price - International (per page) $0.15 or less
Hours of Operation (local time)
8am-7pm | M-F
7am-10pm | M-F
How can you send a fax near you?
Mobile, tablet, desktop computer from app or website
In store only
In store only
Can you send multiple faxes at once?
Yes, select up to 50 recipients or documents at once.
*As of Feb 2020, varies by location

Affordable, Transparent & Scalable Pricing Model

Send up to 150 faxes per month online with eFax for as low as $16.95 per month. Get billed monthly or annually. Save money while adding convenience. 

No Fax Machine? No Problem. 

Send faxes from wherever you are. Never struggle again to find out where to send a fax near you - send and receive faxes from any device. Don’t waste the money on a new fax machine and a landline telephone number that you might only use as needed. Forget the hassle of dealing with fax machines or going anywhere. Send faxes like you send every other type of message or document - from your phone, tablet, or laptop. 

Free Lifetime Storage & Backups

We all lose documents now and again - but in business, you can’t afford it. What happens when an important fax from three months or even three years ago gets lost? With traditional fax machines, you’re out of luck - or you have to trudge through a stack of papers as tall as you. But with eFax, you get free lifetime storage and backups for your documents - so you and your team can access them when and where you need, from any device. 

Send Faxes Right from Your Phone

Traditional fax machines need dedicated phone numbers, power and resources. You have to be at the machine to use it, and let’s not forget the dreaded busy signal. Now, you don’t have to worry about standing in front of the machine for 30 minutes longer than intended, hitting the “send” button over and over again. Instead, send faxes directly from your phone while sitting or standing, in the office, or out. 

Receive Faxes Online 

Receiving faxes the traditional way is a hassle too. You may not get the whole document and have to pay to print it again. Other times, it may decide to print many more copies than you need - costing you more money. Then there’s dealing with the store hours, hoping that someone won’t take it, or that it won’t be lost forever and not received. eFax eliminates all of these worries with a simple, modern solution that saves you money and time. 

Rather Find A Fax Service Near You? 

Not interested in cheaper services, immediate electronic receipt, and easy accessibility from your phone? Do you still insist on sending a fax near you the traditional way? No worries. Here are some of the best fax services near you:

Best Places to Send a Fax Near You

Fax Service Price Per Page*
UPS  $2.00
FedEx  $1.89
Staples  $1.50
Office Depot  $1.59
*Pricing as of Feb. 2020, varies by location

Send Faxes Near You Anytime With eFax

Want to simplify how you send faxes while saving money and time? Get started with eFax today and get access to convenient features that make your life easier. Need more convincing? Check out these real customer reviews.

Don’t spend another penny or second wasted on something as simple as faxing - simplify how you fax with eFax today.


Send and receive faxes in minutes.

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