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How to Get a Fax Confirmation Page

Faxing remains an ideal solution for sharing hard copies of important documents with other people and businesses. However, when you send a fax, it’s not always clear if it reached the receiving party without any trouble.
In some cases, you can attempt to pick up the phone and get a verbal confirmation that your document was sent successfully. But there are other times when that’s not an option. That’s when a fax confirmation comes into play.

How to Confirm a Fax was Received

The easiest way to tell that your fax was successfully transmitted is if your fax machine prints a fax confirmation page. This is a one-page summary that lists the time and date, number of pages, and the recipient’s fax number. Your fax machine will only print a fax confirmation when it gets a “message received” notice from the destination fax machine.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Fax Confirmation?

Getting a fax confirmation doesn’t take any longer than sending the fax itself. Once you hit send, a fax can be transmitted successfully in as little as a few seconds to a few minutes. However, if the receiver’s fax is busy, it could take a few tries to send successfully. A fax confirmation should print shortly after the fax is sent.
However, many businesses turn off the confirmation page feature in an effort to save paper. If you don’t get a fax machine confirmation page, it doesn’t mean that your fax was unsuccessful. Instead, check the reports or fax logs built into your machine. This process may look different depending on which fax machine you’re using.

How to Print Fax Confirmation on Brother

If your Brother fax machine doesn’t automatically print a fax confirmation receipt, use the machine’s transmission verification report to check the status of your previous 200 transmissions.
  1. Navigate to Print Reports on your Brother machine. 
  2. Use the Up or Down arrow key to choose Transmission and press OK.
  3. Use the Up or Down arrow key to choose View on LCD and press OK.

How to Get a Fax Confirmation on Canon

There are multiple reports you can print on your Canon fax machine. If you’re trying to determine if your fax delivered successfully, try to check the reports.
  1. Press the Fax button.
  2. Press the Function button to see the menu. 
  3. Select Print report lists and press OK.
  4. Use the Up or Down arrow key to select the activity report or list you want to print, then press OK.

How to Get a Fax Confirmation Page on Epson

If the fax confirmation page feature is turned off on your Epson machine, here is the easiest way to print your fax log.
  1. Press the Fax button. 
  2. Select the document icon.
  3. Select Fax Report.
  4. Select the fax report you want to print, in this case select the fax log.

How to Print Fax Confirmation Page on Xerox

Xerox machines make it easy for you to get a fax confirmation report. To print a fax report, follow these steps.
  1. On the control panel, select Device, then press Tools.
  2. Press App Settings, then select Fax App.
  3. Select Print Fax Reports.
  4. Select the appropriate report, then select Print.

Where to Find a Fax Confirmation for RingCentral

RingCentral typically delivers fax confirmations via email. It’s also the only service that requires you to login to your online account to confirm if your fax was sent successfully.
  1. Log in to your RingCentral account. 
  2. Click Settings, then Notifications, and then Messaging Notifications.
  3. Select the Fax Transmission Results box under the By Email column.
  4. Enter the email address that will receive the fax confirmation.

Switch to an Online Fax Service

With so many fax machine brands on the market, it’s hard to keep everything straight. That big and bulky piece of equipment takes up space in your office and the users manual was most definitely thrown out years ago. If it’s not printing a fax confirmation receipt, you can only guess at the steps you need to take to get one.
Enter eFax. Our completely online fax service requires no fax machine, no fax phone lines, and no printing. All you need is an internet connection and an email address to get started. Sounds a lot simpler than fumbling buttons on a machine, right? It is.

eFax Features and Benefits

When it comes to what eFax has to offer, a fax machine just can’t compare. You’ll also effortlessly get a fax confirmation message sent to your email every time you fax!

Desktop and mobile app

It’s easy to send, receive, sign, and edit faxes from all of your devices, even when you’re on the go.

Toll-free and local fax numbers

You still get a fax number to share with customers. All documents are forwarded right to your email inbox so you don’t have to spend extra money on hardware.

Secure storage

Never lose track of another piece of paper. All your faxed documents have online storage in the eFax portal and in the mobile app.

Electronic signature

If faxes require a signature, sign faxes online or from the screen of your smartphone with the eFax Electronic Signature feature.

Control account features

With your own eFax account, you can control the settings and adjust them to your preferences. No more sharing with people in the office who constantly change the settings.

Get up and running in minutes

To send a fax in less than five minutes, create an account with eFax! Online faxing makes sending faxes – and getting a fax confirmation – easy and quick.

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