Why Online Faxing is Better than Email

Monday, March 12, 2018

Faxing by Computer

The question often arises, “If internet faxing offers an email address with the ability to send and receive faxes, why not simply use email?” 

It’s a valid question.

At first glance, it might appear that sending a fax online is no different than sending it as an email attachment, but that’s where it gets interesting. The differences are subtle, yet critical.

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The Risks of Email

Email has become the lifeblood of most organizations, as it is the predominant way we communicate. In fact, for most employees, more time is spent using email than any other application. However, many don’t realize that email is not a secure way to send and receive information unless you take specific actions to make it more secure.

Making matters worse, the nearly ubiquitous use of email attachments creates an environment of complacency. These attachments can often include spyware or other malicious software. In addition, email accounts can be hacked, and used to conduct scams such as phishing. This alone makes standard email far more risky than using a secure online fax service to transmit information.

Unlike Faxes, Emails Get Blocked

Due to the enormous hacking problems that we seem to hear about weekly, many companies have implemented powerful filters that scan and reroute messages directly to junk or spam mailboxes. If data is sent via email only, the recipient may wait for an attachment that never arrives. This is often because it’s been blocked for being too large, named inappropriately, or many other reasons.

When systems falsely identify email as junk, it’s called a “false positive,” and this can greatly impact employee productivity, make a project late, or even ruin a sales opportunity. However, documents sent via online fax to a fax machine won’t get filtered as spam.

Faster Signatures

Getting contracts signed quickly or even immediately can be mission critical for many industries, particularly those in real estate or the legal profession. Printing out forms and chasing down signatures can greatly increase the time needed to finalize contracts, and that can even put some deals at risk. Plus, emails cannot be used to send legally binding documents in the same way electronic faxes can.

Fortunately, with an online fax service such as eFax, it is possible to drop legally-binding digitized signatures onto documents without having to return to a desk to print, sign and forward hard copies. Documents that need a signature can be faxed to a user's eFax account to add a digitized signature in a snap. The approved document can then be sent along via email or fax.

The Advantage is Clear

For companies that value data security, higher productivity, or need signatures exchanged quickly, it is online faxing that has the clear advantage over email.

eFax is an award-winning online fax service that saves you money by eliminating the need for a fax machine, fax supplies, a separate phone line for faxing, and costly maintenance. Choose a real local or toll free fax number at no additional cost. There is no hardware to buy or software to install.

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