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eFax is a premium digital faxing service supported by robust security measures and encryption protocols for small, medium and large businesses. 

A World Leading Online Fax Service

Life’s essential data when, where and how you need it.

eFax has been a world-leading online fax service for over two decades. From its beginnings as a digital cloud faxing organization, eFax, provided by Consensus Cloud Solutions, has evolved and spread out services to millions of customers servicing their digital faxing needs. Today, small, medium and large businesses, including Fortune 500 companies, use eFax to send and receive business faxes. These secure digital faxes are supported by security measures and encryption protocols that allow users to safely retrieve and store faxes through email as well as a cloud-based web app.

eFax allows users to quickly and easily send faxes from any internet-connected computer, tablet or smartphone.

The old days of faxing are done. eFax eliminates the need for away with machines, ink, paper and needless landline connections. No more paper jams, load errors or busy tones. Digital faxes are fast, convenient and more cost-effective.

With eFax, you can receive, review, edit, sign and send faxes from your email. You can even store and retrieve all of your faxes online in a searchable and auditable web-based environment protected by symmetric cryptography.

This digital fax solution makes it possible to bring advanced healthcare standard HL7/FHIR structured data systems to medical practice, consistent with applicable HIPAA standards and other data protection regulations. Physicians and other professionals save administrative time and streamline their office procedures thanks to Consensus Cloud Solutions’ Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology and the meaningful, analytics-ready data it produces.

Users can access their faxes and digital storage anytime from any internet-capable device through the Consensus suite of interoperability integrations that offers:

  • Optimized workflows
  • Real-time event notifications
  • On-demand patient query
  • Direct secure messaging
  • Universal APIs
  • NLP technologies
  • Electronic signature
  • eFax HITRUST CSF® Certified digital cloud faxing

With over 25 years of experience providing digital, cloud-based solutions to companies who rely on Consensus Cloud Solutions for security, reliability and ease of access, eFax is a full-fledged electronic fax and document storage system for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

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