Mobile Fax Apps

Mobile Fax Apps

Read, Sign and Send Faxes from Your Mobile

Transform your smartphone or tablet into a full-functioning fax machine — even add your electronic signature to a fax online with our easy-to-use mobile app.

With the mobile fax apps from eFax®, you can receive, edit, sign and send faxes on the go.


Benefits of the eFax Mobile Fax App

The free eFax mobile apps are the perfect complement to the premium eFax service. The fax app for iPhone and iPad and the fax app for Android put all the functionality of your eFax service right on your mobile device.

With your eFax mobile app, you can read an inbound fax, sign faxes and even add notes to your faxes right on your mobile device. You can also send a fax document as a PDF from your smartphone or tablet —by entering the recipient’s fax number manually or simply selecting it from your contact list. Just a few taps on your mobile phone and you can read, sign and send a fax.

To add a electronic signature to your faxes is simple, just snap and store a picture of your handwritten signature with your device’s built-in camera. Or you can swipe your finger across your mobile screen, save your signature and your ready to add it to any fax.

And when you send a fax through the mobile fax app, you can send it to email, a printer or to a traditional fax machine.

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How to Receive Faxes with the eFax Mobile App

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The mobile fax app makes it easier than ever to receive, sign and send a fax. Get the power of a fax machine right on your phone or tablet today!