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How eFax Works

With the digitization of faxing, you can readily send or receive faxes from any device. No need to worry about printing your documents, heavy fax machines, fax phone lines or busy signals. Online fax services such as eFax are the ultimate choice if you want to make faxing more effective, faster and greener.

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What Is eFax?

eFax leads the pack when it comes to the best online fax services in the world. With its highly functional and well-designed interface, eFax provides exceptional value. eFax can help you streamline your workflow by allowing you to receive and send faxes through email, PC or your mobile device.

This online fax service even offers helpful tools so you can create and apply digital signatures through your different devices. Other features include:

Toll-Free Numbers

Toll Free Fax Numbers

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Mobile Fax App

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Local Numbers

Local Phone Numbers

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Free Online Storage

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Cloud Storage

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The eFax Difference

eFax offers a range of scalable, customized solutions for private users and businesses


Toll-Free Numbers

Allow your customers to send faxes for free by obtaining a toll-free fax number. A toll-free fax number from eFax makes your business accessible nationwide—at no extra charge.

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Cloud Storage

Powerful cloud-based storage backed by reliable encryption protocols so you can search, sort and access your documents anytime from any web-connected desktop computer, laptop, or smartphone. Plus, share documents with others. 


Mobile Fax App

An easy-to-use interface for your smartphone that allows to effortlessly sign, send, edit, and manage your faxes on the go. Fax anytime, anywhere and stay connected to your business.


Corporate Solutions

eFax offers versatile digital fax solutions for large enterprises with applicable regulatory requirements, including using security features consistent with HIPAA-compliance for medical practitioners considered to be Covered Entities, as well as secure services for legal firms.

Do You Need a Special Fax Number with eFax?

When you create an eFax account, you’ll also be given a free dedicated fax number linked to your service. Choose a toll-free fax number to create a national image or choose a local fax number to establish a local presence in your community.

Already have a fax number? You can simply port your existing fax number into eFax. Then, you can receive and send faxes from your computer using the eFax portal or email on whatever device you are using.


Getting Started

Getting started with eFax is extremely straightforward. You don’t need to buy any special equipment.

eFax allows you to customize different elements of your account without hassle. For instance, you can edit profile details like your phone numbers, PINs, contact email and name. You can also change your time and date preferences, default language, default home page and email addresses that you use to send and receive faxes. You can even edit the level of security that applies to your faxes.

Keep in mind that the faxes you send will be delivered within a couple of minutes. However, it can be longer when the receiver’s fax is busy. In such cases, eFax will send it twice more, for a total of three transmissions if the first attempt fails.

Need to send large files? No worries. The eFax Large File Sharing feature allows you to send up to 3GB of files to 20 people at once. Each recipient will receive a link in their email for secure download.


Sending Faxes Has Never Been This Easy

Fax volumes are growing not only in the US but also in other parts of the world. The process of sending fax online is fairly stress-free, but this could even be easier when you use the right service. Packed with tons of amazing features and with great reviews to boot, eFax can be the best solution for your business or personal needs. 

How to Make eFax Work for You

Top How-Tos

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How To Fax Multiple Pages

eFax makes it easy to fax multiple documents to up to 20 recipients at once. Click “Browse” to select the documents you want to attach. Attach documents one at a time, or press and hold the CTRL key to select multiple documents.

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How To Fax an Image

Create, save and attach a jpeg, png or any other image file to a fax using your eFax account and send it to recipients quickly and easily. It’s as simple as that.

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How To Fax with no Phone Line

The digital fax solution offered by eFax sends and receives faxes using just an internet connection. Sign in to your email or your eFax online portal to fax wirelessly.

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How To Fax From Microsoft 365

Use eFax Messenger to send faxes you create in Microsoft 365 or MS Office right from your computer. You can also set up eFax with email to send directly from Outlook.

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How To Track Your Fax

Never worry about fax errors or missed faxes. eFax lets you know when you sent a fax, its current status, including delays and even when it has reached its recipient.

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How To Send a Test Fax Online

Send a test fax to yourself from your email account using eFax. Just open an email, add your phone number, attach your fax and hit send to test your fax service online.

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How to Fax with eFax

Sending and receiving online faxes with eFax is very convenient. There are many ways you can do it. We’ve rounded up the most common methods you can use below. 

sign up for eFax
Attach documents to your fax
hit “send fax” and your fax will be sent from your mac

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Use email or eFax dashboard to send a fax





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send a fax from computer

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Related FAQs

It’s easy to set up your eFax account and digital fax number. Just add your email addresses and name, your phone numbers and choose your homepage settings. Then review your security preferences, and you’re away!  

To compose a fax online for free, draft your fax as writing an email. Input the recipient’s fax number or use the saved contact details in the “To” section and create your fax message. Hit send, and that’s it.

No, you do not need to purchase new equipment for eFax. It’s a cloud-based service that you can access through your existing devices like a computer, smartphone, or tablet. There’s no need for dedicated fax machines or phone lines.

With eFax, you will get unlimited storage space for your fax documents as long as your account is active.

Absolutely. eFax is a legitimate and reputable service that has been providing secure and efficient online faxing solutions for years. Your documents are encrypted for privacy, and eFax complies with industry standards for data security.

eFax is a modern digital faxing solution that operates over the internet, whereas traditional fax systems rely on physical fax machines and phone lines. With eFax, you can send and receive faxes using your email or a mobile app, making it more efficient and eco-friendly compared to traditional methods