How it Works

As a premium internet fax service, eFax makes faxing as easy as email. Securely send and receive faxes from anywhere — fax by email, by logging into your account or by using a mobile fax app.
You can even add notes or your electronic signature to faxes.

No fax machine. No fax phone lines. No printing. No busy signals.


Easy Ways to Fax Online

Enjoy the quick, easy ways to send and receive internet faxes when you choose eFax.

Have an incoming fax? You can receive your fax by email, log in to access your fax online or open your fax with a free mobile fax app.

Need to send a fax online? eFax gives you even more options: send a fax to email, send a fax online by logging into your eFax account, send a fax from Microsoft® Word, or send a fax from your HP or Epson printer.

See 5 easy ways to send a fax with eFax.

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How to Fax Online with the eFax Mobile App

Our mobile fax apps are another convenient way to send and receive faxes online. We offer an iPad and iPhone fax app as well as an Android fax app.

With your eFax mobile app, you can review an inbound fax or send a document from your mobile device, either by entering the recipient’s fax number or by simply choosing it from your contact list.

You can also add an electronic signature to your faxes — by snapping and storing a picture of your handwritten signature with your device’s built-in camera, or even by swiping your finger across the screen. And when you send a fax through the mobile fax app, you can send it to email, a printer or to a standard fax number.

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