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Send and Receive Faxes in Minutes

Core Features

eFax provides you with all the tools you need to make sure your documents are handled securely and sent where they’re needed on time.

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Electronic Fax Signing

With eFax, you can quickly sign your documents electronically, making it easier than ever to finalize contracts and agreements.

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Mobile Apps

With the eFax mobile fax app, you can effortlessly manage all your faxing requirements right from your smartphone.

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eFax Messenger

eFax Messenger is an impressive desktop application that enhances and streamlines the faxing process from your computer.

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Large File

Large File Sharing

With eFax, your team can effortlessly share up to 3GB of files simultaneously among 20 different email addresses.

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Searchable PDFs

The integrated OCR technology allows you to search through the contents of PDFs and find the information you need with ease.


Email Notifications

Never miss an important fax again with eFax’s email notifications feature that alerts you when any documents are sent or received.


Shared Emails for IB/OB Faxing

Enjoy convenient one-click faxing from Outlook and Gmail with eFax’s shared emails option.


MyAccount Web Portal

The eFax MyAccount web portal empowers you to manage and track your documents from any device with an internet connection.

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Storage Time

Fax Storage Time

Enjoy unlimited fax storage with eFax that allows you to keep your files securely saved for as long as you need them.

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Compliance Features

eFax offers a range of compliance functions that help you keep your documents secure and compliant with industry standards.

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HIPAA Compliance


Whether in healthcare or other industries, eFax’s HIPAA and BAA compliance functions ensure that all your documents are handled properly in accordance with the regulations.

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PCI Compliance


eFax’s PCI DSS compliance features make sure that all financial documents are managed responsibly and securely.

GLBA Compliance


eFax stays compliant with GLBA, which governs the handling of customer financial information in the banking and finance industry.

SOC Compliance


For organizations that need to abide by SOC regulations, eFax offers the necessary compliance features to ensure they remain up to date.

SOC Compliance


eFax ensures that SOC2 regulations are followed with its integrated compliance features.

HiTrust Compliance


Enjoy peace of mind with HITRUST certification, an important benchmark for security and reliability.

Security Features

eFax prioritizes security with its range of features designed to keep your documents safe and secure.

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Data Encryption at Rest

eFax Secure™ ensures highly encrypted transmission of data in transit using TLS security, employing AES 256-bit encryption to safeguard data at rest.

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Email Security

Email with TLS

Incoming and outgoing emails are secured through TLS encryption which helps to protect messages as they’re transferred between servers.


Data Encryption at Transit

eFax Secure™ uses a strong encryption protocol to secure documents as they’re sent between servers, ensuring their safety no matter where they’re transmitted.

Audit Trails

Audit Control / Audit Trails

eFax’s audit control and audit trails feature keeps track of all document transmissions, providing a full record for further review.

Administration Features

In addition to its security features, eFax also offers several other services and features that make it the perfect choice for businesses.


Company Level Admin Portal

The eFax corporate-level admin portal provides a secure and centralized platform to manage user accounts, document history, show monthly billing statements and more.


Multiple Admin Designation

Assign multiple admins to have access and control different user accounts, giving you the flexibility of managing any number of user accounts.


Multi-User Access Control

Create, view, and share documents securely with multiple users. Control access levels for each user with the ability to add or delete user accounts as needed.


Usage Reporting

Stay on top of your document usage with a comprehensive reporting dashboard to track activity, performance, and trends.


Unlimited Users

eFax offers unlimited user accounts as well as maximum storage capacity to store all documents securely.

Number Management Features

With eFax, you have the flexibility to manage any number of fax numbers across different countries.

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Existing Fax Number Porting

Already have a fax number? eFax makes it easy to port your existing fax number allowing you to keep the same number and still benefit from its advanced features.

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Local Numbers

Local Fax Numbers

Choose from a wide selection of local fax numbers in 49 countries to establish a local presence and build trust with customers or clients in the same geographic area.

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Toll-Free Numbers

Toll Free Fax Numbers

Obtaining a toll-free fax number for your business can enhance your professional image as well as make it easy for customers to reach your business without incurring any long-distance charges.

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International Faxing

Send and receive faxes from anywhere in the world. With eFax, you’ll be able to send and receive documents from any country without incurring any additional costs or setup fees.

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Multi DID Support

Get additional phone numbers for your business without having to purchase extra hardware. With Multi DID Support, you can assign multiple numbers to a single fax line and receive calls from any designated number.

Maximum Numbers

Maximum Fax Numbers

Grow your business without any limits. With eFax, you can manage multiple fax numbers without any restrictions, providing seamless scalability and flexibility to meet your evolving needs.

Integration Features

Easy integration with other applications and systems allows you to streamline your fax operations and maximize efficiency.

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eFax API Integration

Use the eFax API to quickly integrate your faxing with any number of applications and programs, empowering your business with enhanced efficiency and seamless workflow integration.

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eFax Router

eFax Router is a versatile Windows application that enables automatic fax downloads for one or multiple fax numbers, all through a secure internet connection.

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Fax Machine

Multi-Function Printer Fax Direct

Integrate your fax services with your Multi-Function Printer or Scanner to send and receive faxes directly from the MFP.

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eFax SAP Connector

The eFax SAP connector allows you to fax documents from within your SAP environment. This easy-to-use and secure solution is an ideal way to incorporate faxing into your existing ERP workflows.

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Consensus_Clarity 2

Consensus Unite

Consensus Unite provides secure, high-speed faxing across a distributed enterprise. With this powerful solution, you can easily send and receive documents from multiple locations and consolidate all of your fax operations into one simple network.

Consensus_Clarity 1

Consensus Clarity

Consensus Clarity leverages AI to convert unstructured digital documents into valuable and actionable data, thereby enhancing and expediting communications.


Salesforce Connector

The Salesforce Connector makes it easy to send and receive faxes from within the Salesforce interface. This secure, easy-to-use solution is an ideal way to add fax capabilities to your CRM system.


eFax FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked questions about eFax services, including setup instructions, billing information, security features, and troubleshooting tips.

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eFax How-Tos

Follow along with our step-by-step tutorials and learn the basics of configuring your fax services, sending documents, and managing settings.

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eFax Resources

Need more help? Check out our library of resources for tips and tricks on getting the most out of your eFax services.

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