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How to Sign a PDF

Add Signature to PDF

Adding a signature to a PDF is easy and can be done in just a few steps. See how to sign PDFs electronically with different tools and options.

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Best Fax App: Here’s What To Look For

Find the Best Fax App

There are a lot of fax apps out there, and sifting through them can be confusing as well as time-consuming. Learn how to find the best fax app and what to look for when choosing a mobile fax app, so can get started faxing from your phone.

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Online Fax Provider Checklist


When once faxing was limited to copy rooms and home fax machines, today it’s available to anyone with a cell phone, tablet or computer. Here are five things to consider when choosing an online fax service for your home or business.

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24 Best Small Business Blogs

woman looking at small business blogs

Here we’ve curated a list of the best small business blogs on the web, covering a variety of topics. From marketing to finance and more, take in knowledge and get ideas for your own small business from these top blog resources.

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The 20 Most Hilarious Fax Memes

Fax machines are many things to many people, and nowhere is this more evident than the Twittersphere. Feelings of confusion, frustration, anger and sheer terror are evoked when it comes to this particular piece of tech. After scouring the depths of Twitter, we’ve compiled the 20 most hilarious tweets about fax machines.

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