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24 Best Small Business Blogs

woman looking at small business blogs

Here we’ve curated a list of the best small business blogs on the web, covering a variety of topics. From marketing to finance and more, take in knowledge and get ideas for your own small business from these top blog resources.

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How to Fax From Microsoft 365

Woman faxing in office

Learn how to fax from Microsoft Office 365 in just a few simple steps. Faxing from your favorite Office program is easy with an online fax service. You can send a fax directly from Word, Excel or Outlook with no printing and no fax machine required.

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Solving Everyday Problems with Online Faxing

Faxing by Phone, Computer

Life is filled with surprises. While you can’t always stop stressful life events from happening, you can take swift action to resolve them as quickly as possible. That’s where an online fax account from eFax comes in. Using your web browser or the eFax mobile app, you can instantly share important documents with anyone, anywhere!

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5 Epic Fax Fails that Made the News and How to Avoid them

Most Epic Fax Machine Fails

If your fax machine decides to have a bad day, you could end up stuck without a way to send or receive important or private information. For some, this could be life-changing. It turns out that a few pretty big news stories have featured a fax machine flop.

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Online Faxing: What You Need to Know About Data Encryption and Cloud Storage

It used to be that sensitive data was sent over public fax machines and then stored on-site in unsecure filing cabinets. Today, most business owners realize just how unsuitable fax machines are for sending and receiving sensitive data. Files can transmit to the wrong fax machine or fall into the wrong hands if left out in the open.

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