Number Management

Manage your Fax Numbers With eFax

Conveniently manage local fax numbers globally via the eFax portal. Control your online fax numbers securely, anytime, anywhere.

Manage Fax Numbers and Setup New Ones With eFax

Port in your existing fax number

Save money and improve your fax workflow without sacrificing your existing number or replacing any of your existing stationery. Just port your current fax number into eFax.

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Toll-Free Numbers

Set up a toll-free fax number with ease. eFax offers toll-free faxing from a range of local and international cities, so no matter where your clients are, they can fax you for free.

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International Numbers

Set up a local number in nearly 50 countries. A local number gives you a truly international presence and makes the people faxing you feel more confident that they’re dealing with a reputable organization that will understand their needs.

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Share Your Fax Number

eFax lets you share your faxes with up to five recipients. That way your team won’t miss a fax if you’re unavailable, and they can collaborate on faxed documents. Manage your fax numbers and email distribution list from your eFax portal.


Manage Your Online Fax Numbers

Log in to your eFax account to quickly and easily add fax numbers, choose which email recipients to receive your numbers, and more.

You have complete control over your fax numbers at all times through a secure web portal.

Feature benefits:

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    Collaborate between team members

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    Assign faxes to the right people – for example, sales versus support

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    Redirect important faxes when staff are away

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    Adapt to staffing and personnel changes

Local Numbers

Fax From a Local Number Using Email or Mobile App

Incorporate your local eFax digital fax number into your workflow by sending directly from your email account. eFax users can send faxes using one local number from up to five email accounts. You can also send from the eFax iOS or Android App.

This saves time and helps streamline the office workflow by keeping all of your communication in one central location.

Feature benefits:

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    Improve productivity by adding faxing to your existing workflow

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    Send faxes without leaving your mail app or client

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    Send faxes on the go, no need to go back to the office

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    Save money on sent faxes

Relevant eFax Solutions


Audit Trails

See your entire fax history and document history in an auditable, reliable digital database.

Secure & Scaling Storage

High-Tech Servers

Reliable storage in Tier III & Tier IV data centers with 24/7 support & monitoring.

Secure Messaging

Secure Email Faxing

eFax Secure sends a link for your clients to download their faxes from a secure HTTPS portal for added protection.