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Get free online storage! Store every fax online for your account and get easy access 24/7

eFax lets you send and receive large fax files by email, online, or even from your smart phone – without printing or scanning a single piece of paper. And that’s pretty cool. But you might be wondering, “What happens to my faxes after I’ve sent or received them electronically? Are they stored somewhere? Could I easily access them months later, if I had to?” Thanks to the eFax® Online Storage and Retrieval features – both included free with your eFax account – you can!

With Online Storage, eFax stores almost every fax you send or receive, securely in the cloud, for as long as you’re a subscriber. And with eFax’s Online Retrieval, you’ll be able to search for and access any of those faxes online, from your secure, password-protected eFax Message Center


Safe Cloud Storage From eFax

Signing and sending faxes on the go means never having to miss a deadline or delay closing a deal. But what happens when you need to send a fax and don’t have access to your computer? Cloud storage from eFax offers a simple solution. With eFax cloud storage, you can automatically store every fax you send or receive and access them from anywhere at any time. Whether you’re in the office or on the go, you’ll be able to quickly search for and retrieve your faxes from the cloud. eFax Corporate utilizes the most advanced protocols for fax security. This means that your archived faxes are as safee as possible, 24/7. Not only does this give you greater peace of mind, but it also ensures that you’re meeting the requirements of any necessary data privacy laws.

Save Time and Money

Save the time and money you would spend on implementing in-house fax software or cloud storage by automatically storing faxes with eFax. Cloud storage means you’ll never have to upgrade.


Boost Productivity

The ability to quickly retrieve a fax without having to return to your office means less time spent searching and more time working. The result is a boost in productivity for you and your team.

Improve Your Record Keeping

The user-friendly eFax Corporate Message Center allows your team to organize archived faxes based on your choice of criteria. Create “tags” to identify, categorize and search for previous faxes.

Ensure Compliance With Data Privacy and Security Regulations

If your company deals with personal client information, it’s likely protected by data privacy laws like HIPAA or SOX. Protecting your stored data is not only a responsibility but a legal requirement.


Send Faxes Straight From Cloud Storage

eFax Cloud Storage is available through the eFax app. This means that you can always access your stored data, even if you’re working from a smartphone or tablet. If you frequently send certain types of documents to clients, you can store these files in external cloud apps. Then, you can quickly send them via fax using your computer or mobile device. 

Some types of files you might choose to store in cloud storage to fax on the go include:

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    Standard non-disclosure agreements

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    Your resume or bio

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    Marketing brochures or presentations

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    Your references

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    Client lists

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    Standard fee lists


Fax Any Kind of File

With eFax Corporate, you can send virtually any kind of file format. You’ll spend less time converting files before sending them, which means that your faxes get where they need to go faster.

eFax Corporate allows users to send almost 200 different file types through the cloud, including:

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    Adobe files, including Photoshop

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    Microsoft Office Files like Word, Excel and PowerPoint

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    Images in nearly any format, including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, etc.

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    Email or web files like HTML, Platin Text, and Rich Text And more!


Retrieve Faxes From Anywhere

Any time that you send or receive a fax through eFax, it’s automatically stored in your safe Message Center portal. You can access the Message Center from your desktop or through the Mobile App and use it to organize your faxes. You can customize folders by type of fax or by client and add keywords or “Tags”  to identify what type of fax it is. 

Then, when you need to retrieve a fax days, weeks or even years later, you can easily search by folder or tags to find what you’re looking for. You can even access old faxes via the eFax Mobile App, so you won’t have to wait until you’re back in the office.


Enjoy the Perks of Cloud-Based Storage

Our cloud-based storage is just that — cloud storage for your account. With eFax Corporate, every fax that you send or receive is automatically stored for you. You can access your stored faxes from anywhere, at any time, and even conveniently organize them for easier retrieval.


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Securely Store Your Faxes Online

Whenever you send or receive a fax through your eFax service, we will automatically store a copy in your cloud storage account — along with all relevant data relating to that fax, including date and time of transmission and name of recipient or sender. This Online Storage feature is free.

How securely are your faxes stored?

The eFax cloud network, the #1 online fax network in the world, consists of secure servers providing the highest levels of protection for your stored faxes, 24/7. These secure data centers are protected by

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    Biometric Access

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    Badge Required

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    Video Surveillance

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    Redundant Storage