Enhanced Security

Protect your faxes in a secure, encrypted environment

The documents sent to you by fax are often the most sensitive. Sensitive data requires a secure faxing solution.

checklist  Legal Contracts
checklist  Loan Paperwork
checklist  Patient Information

Send Secure Faxes

How eFax® Keeps Your Business Faxes Secure

With our Enhanced Security feature, when you receive a fax through to your eFax® account, we will host it at a secure site and email you a link where you can securely download the fax.

When you log in to the website, we establish a minimum 128-bit, TLS-encrypted connection to your eFax web-based inbox. This provides you maximum protection in accessing your inbound faxes.

Plus, unlike paper-based faxing, you won’t miss any pages or risk leaving confidential documents sitting unattended on a fax machine.

Benefits of eFax's Enhanced Security

checklist  AES-at-rest encryption to protect faxes stored in your eFax account
checklist  128-bit (minimum), TLS encryption for securely accessing your incoming faxes
checklist  Enhanced security features developed to meet HIPAA and GLB requirements

healthcare-png HIPAA compliance 
  • Available with your eFax Corporate® account
  • Innovative technical features help you comply with HIPAA security standards
  • Maintain regulatory compliance through signing of a Business Associate Agreement with eFax for secure transmission of ePHI

regulatory-png GLBA compliant
  • Automated, secure delivery to help safeguard data accuracy
  • Improved tracking and storage
  • No third party sharing of information

Why you can trust eFax for secure faxing online

Serving more than 11 million customers, eFax is the most trusted online fax service.

  • Our customers include many of the largest healthcare providers and financial firms — businesses that depend on secure data transfer and are required by federal law to keep data protected
  • eFax is the online fax service of choice for nearly 30% of the top law firms — businesses whose client confidentiality is a must
  • We’re the online fax service trusted by nearly half of Fortune 500 companies
  • Both big and small businesses depend on eFax’s secure, encrypted faxing protocols to help them comply with HIPAA, SOX and other federal regulations

When you need secure faxing, the level of protection eFax offers is a simple and convenient way to give your fax documents the highest levels of security.

Send Secure Faxes Online with eFax

Send Secure Faxes