Online Faxing: What You Need to Know About Data Encryption and Cloud Storage

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Digital Fax Security Shield

It used to be that sensitive data was sent over public fax machines and then stored on-site in unsecure filing cabinets. Today, most business owners realize just how unsuitable fax machines are for sending and receiving sensitive data. Files can transmit to the wrong fax machine or fall into the wrong hands if left out in the open.

Simply put, the fax machine is a relic that can put your sensitive data at serious risk for costly data breaches and other security hazards.

Let’s take a look at “data encryption” and then briefly explore why it offers a more modern approach toward data transmission and data storage than traditional faxing.

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Data Encryption Explained

Wouldn’t it be great if you could make your sensitive electronic data only “readable” by the intended recipient—and no one else? Online fax encryption technology “scrambles” your sensitive electronic data to give it the best line of defense against tampering, theft, and loss. If a third party attempts to breach your data, they’ll be met with nonsensical mumbo-jumbo.

In addition to protecting your sensitive data against dangerous security threats, data encryption technology can also keep your company legally compliant with the state and federal data security laws governing your industry—saving you thousands of dollars in non-compliance fees.

Why Data Encryption Matters

If your business regularly collects, saves, or disseminates private consumer or patient information, such as Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, or account information, then data security will be an obvious concern.

In fact, the way in which your company handles its data security can present itself as a valuable asset—or at least that’s how your clients or customers may see it. By encrypting sensitive data, you offer your customers or clients an assurance of confidence that their data will be kept safe, secure and private, as well as protected against dangerous security threats.

Whether your faxes are at rest in your inbox or en route to another fax machine, a secure online fax service that utilizes data encryption allows you to send and receive faxes with confidence.  

Building a More Trustworthy Brand

Online fax encryption and cloud storage let you cultivate a more trusted brand identity while putting up an aggressive security defense that keeps your electronic data safeguarded against breaches. Keep original or backup copies of your faxes for as long as you need them to ensure your business records are kept accurate, organized, and fully protected against tampering, theft, and loss.

Because cloud storage works with most business document types—including PDF and Microsoft Office 365 (Word, Excel)—business can go on as usual, without having to deal with compatibility issues with your most commonly used file formats.

Simply store or send your private files as secure faxes online, and data encryption technology will ensure they are kept safe and secure. 

Empower Your Business with eFax

Businesses of all sizes can integrate advanced data encryption and cloud storage services with their existing communications infrastructure using eFax. Offering a secure server with SSL encryption, eFax delivers optimum security and protection against dangerous data breaches.

Plus, there’s no human interaction with your faxes, so you won’t have to risk someone gaining unwanted exposure to your private financial data. Simply send and receive faxes securely through your email, the web, or smartphone. Or, you can just as easily store them for the lifetime of your account (or until you decide to delete them).

Let our data encryption technology be your first line of defense against tampering, theft, and loss. In just a few easy steps, we can bring your business into compliance with the security and privacy laws and regulations that govern your industry, while saving you in non-compliance fees.

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