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How to Fax from an iPhone or iPad

Learn to fax from your iPhone with the eFax iOS App. Sign, send, and receive faxes conveniently on your iPhone. Break free from phone cords and fax machines, fax securely from your Apple device.

How To Fax From Your iPhone With eFax

The eFax mobile app makes sending and receiving faxes from your iPhone easy. It enables you to sign, edit, share, and receive documents via fax on the go. Simply download the eFax app, create an eFax account, open the app and start faxing your colleagues and friends. Read our eFax Mobile App guide to discover how eFax simplifies the traditional faxing process.

In the technology’s heyday in the 1980s and 90s, every salesperson must have wished they could pick up their fax machine and take it in their car. The eFax iOS app makes that dream a reality, giving you a fax machine in your pocket and enabling you to send and receive faxes whenever and wherever you need to. So you can sign and send a contract while watching the game, out for dinner, or traveling.

Removing the fax machine from your business operations comes with significant cost savings. Using fax machines requires you to purchase telephone lines, pay for ongoing maintenance and top up paper, ink and toner. The eFax app removes all of these costs and is free with an eFax subscription. And you get all the benefits of faxing sensitive documents, alongside electronic signatures, free storage and toll-free numbers.

The eFax iOS app provides a secure cloud-based inbox to keep all sent and received faxes safe and confidential. That means no one else can pick up your fax message from the fax machine in-tray. Additionally, the eFax service meets critical compliance standards, such as GLBA, HIPAA and SOX. 

A significant drawback of physical fax machines is all the paper and ink that employees go through. Switching to an iOS app means you remove the need to use those resources, doing your bit to help the environment by reducing plastic and paper waste.

5 Steps To Fax From Your iPhone

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6 Key Features of eFax iPhone Faxing

Giving up fax machines can be challenging for businesses that rely on them to send and receive critical documents. However, the eFax app makes faxing a more convenient form of communication for all employees. You can also share documents by taking photos on your iPhone or iPad, removing the need to purchase hardware like printers and scanners.

Fax machines can be restrictive and costly, and make it impossible for employees to send faxes when they’re out of the office. The eFax mobile app removes the need for physical fax machines, enabling users to send faxes whenever needed, whether in a cafe, visiting a client, at home, or in the office.

Keeping track of sent and received faxes can be near-impossible if employees don’t retain and store the paper copies. But the eFax app makes it simple, enabling you to keep track of faxes and access previously sent messages from your Apple device. The app’s tag feature also lets you quickly find specific faxes during a meeting or phone call.

Sending faxes can be a laborious process that requires you to print, sign and scan documents. With eFax, documents can now be signed directly from your iPhone or iPad by simply clicking your saved signature. 

eFax Protect is a highly encrypted online fax solution that enhances the security of fax communications and ensures compliance with regulations like HIPAA, GLBA and SOX. 

eFax Corporate provides a more secure, efficient and cost-effective business faxing solution. It enables companies of all sizes to transform fax communication and helps employees securely send and receive faxes via email on any device.

3 Powerful Features of eFax Mobile App for iOS

eFax’s app development team works extremely hard to ensure your move to virtual faxing is as easy and fluid as possible. The eFax iOS app includes necessary online faxing features, such as:

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    AirPrint for printing faxes—meaning you don’t have to install additional drivers to print

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    Secure third-party apps for sharing files

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    Access to the phone’s contact database

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FAQs about Sending & Receiving Faxes from iPhone

Absolutely. Get the eFax mobile app on your iPhone to send faxes on the go. Simply download the app, log in to your eFax account and follow the intuitive steps to send faxes from your iPhone. Alternatively, you can use eFax to receive faxes via email and access your email inbox from your phone. 

To send a fax directly from your iPhone without relying on an application, you can leverage a web browser in conjunction with your eFax account. By accessing your eFax account via the web interface, you can effortlessly include recipients, attach documents, and seamlessly send your fax, all without the need for an additional application.

Faxing documents from your iPhone is effortless with eFax. Simply sign up for an eFax account and download the eFax iOS app. Once logged in, create a cover page, enter the recipient’s fax number, upload your document, and eFax will send the document a fax to its destination.

No, there’s no limit. You can send as many faxes with eFax as you need.

However, depending on your free fax app for iphone and chosen plan, you only get a limited number of sends every month. Once those are exceeded, each send will be charged (currently 10 cents for North America. International rates vary).

With eFax Plus (the lowest-priced plan), you can send and receive up to 170 pages per month. With eFax Pro, the free fax limit is increased to 275 pages per month.

We also offer the eFax Corporate plan, which allows you to set flexible send/receive limits on your faxing app. This is ideal if your business requires a fax service involving dozens of users. To find the best plan for your needs, get started with a free trial account and go from there.

Yes! As one of the best free fax apps for iPhone users, the eFax developers took security seriously.

When you send or receive a fax on iPhone devices, eFax ensures secure online faxing by encrypting documents for privacy during transmission and implementing access controls like two-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized use or breaches.

eFax supports a wide variety of file formats that most people and businesses commonly use, including PDF, Word documents, TIFF, JPG, and PNG.

Unfortunately, the iPhone doesn’t have this capability built-in. Thus, installing a fax app for iPhone to send and receive faxes properly is necessary.