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What Is Cloud Faxing?

Cloud Fax

Companies worldwide spend about $445.3 billion on cloud computing resources each year, and analysts expect that amount to reach $947.3 billion by 2026. Even time-tested office resources like faxing are moving to the cloud.

You may find it interesting to learn how much your company can save by switching to cloud faxing. What’s more, you’ll most likely wonder how you ever did without it.

Understanding the Cloud

Cloud computing is a catchall term for services hosted using the internet. These services include:

  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
  • Platform as a service (PaaS)
  • Software as a service (SaaS)

Cloud computing enables devices to access data and applications using the internet. Providers deliver cloud-based fax services using remote computers, databases and servers.

What Is a Cloud Fax and How Does It Work?  

Now, let’s look at a cloud fax service definition. 

Cloud faxing is a SaaS offering people may describe in several ways. For instance, you may hear it called:

  • Fax by email
  • Fax to cloud
  • Internet faxing
  • Online cloud fax
  • Online faxing

Cloud faxing replaces the need for a clunky fax machine. Also, there’s no need for an analog fax line. All you need is an internet connection and an internet-enabled device, such as a computer, tablet or mobile phone. With online faxing, you can send and receive all faxes digitally from any device at any time.

You can access all your digital faxes using a convenient online portal. Furthermore, you can assign multiple fax numbers to a single account. With a few clicks, you can set up online faxing and increase your business’s productivity.

How Cloud Faxing Works

The Benefits of Cloud Faxing

Around the world, many companies still use faxes. In some countries, it’s still the primary form of business communication.

Still, faxing has evolved. There’s no longer a need for big noisy machines.

With modern faxing technology, you can send a fax as fast as you can send an email. However, you can do so with more reliability and security. eFax has engineered a streamlined faxing solution that doesn’t require equipment, ink, toner or paper. Instead, you can send faxes quickly and easily using your desktop or laptop computer, smartphone or tablet.

It’s time to think of faxing in a new light. Modern faxing options are fast and convenient.

Faxing Made Easy with the Cloud

With cloud faxing, you can send faxes your way. There are three fast and easy ways to do so.

  • Mobile app: Cloud fax technology lets you work on the go. For instance, consider our eFax mobile app. It’s a fast and effortless way to access your eFax account using your smartphone.
  • Fax by email: You can also use our service to send faxes by email. However, our cloud fax service is a much better option than sending essential documents by email. It’s a popular option for users who are away from their computers. All you need to do with email by fax is log into your email account associated with eFax. Next, enter your fax recipient’s phone number, followed by @efaxsend.com. Now, your fax is on its way and will arrive in seconds. The body of the email will become the fax title page.
  • Using Microsoft 365: Many eFax users like to send faxes quickly without leaving their desktop computer. In this case, you can easily send a fax using eFax using Microsoft 365.

The Cloud vs. Traditional Faxing

With cloud faxing, you get increased security. It uses high-level encryption and access controls to keep your fax communications safe.

Also, sending and receiving faxes is faster and more efficient with cloud faxing.

Yet, you maintain the essential functions associated with sending faxes. This functionality includes the sharing of legal documents. You also have the benefit of the ability to share graphic files instantly.

How Does a Cloud Fax Work?

As its name implies, cloud faxing is 100% cloud-based. When you use a cloud fax service, you’ll transmit documents over the internet rather than a telephone line. There’s no need to connect to a telephone network.

However, you don’t have to store data locally with cloud faxing. Instead, your fax information gets stored on a cloud-based fax server.  In this way, cloud faxing is a reliable service that can help you meet your business needs.

The Ins and Outs of Cloud Faxing

You should understand a few basics when it comes to cloud faxing. For instance, you don’t need a fax machine to send cloud faxes. Instead of a fax machine, you can use any device that has internet access to send a fax. Also, cloud faxing works with various operating systems, including:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Android
  • iOS
Cloud Fax Benefits

Boosting Productivity with Cloud Faxing

Small changes can make significant productivity improvements.  The biggest benefit you’ll notice with cloud faxing is increasing your team’s productivity. Enterprise cloud fax solutions simplify the process of sending essential faxes. They also eliminate problems like receiving junk faxes. All cloud fax documents are digital. There’s no need to shuffle papers. You also don’t have to waste time refilling empty ink cartridges or servicing a broken fax machine. In addition, cloud faxing reduces transmission time drastically. You can send and receive cloud faxes nearly instantaneously. Because there are no delays with cloud faxes, your team can get more done more quickly.

Simplification Equals Improved Productivity

For many companies, fax volume is on the rise. However, enterprises are moving away from traditional fax machines and complex server infrastructures and embracing cloud fax services. Cloud-based fax services are very desirable for organizations. They simplify the work environment dramatically. Also, they empower organizations to eliminate the on-site complexity of software and hardware for fax telephony. At the same time, enterprise cloud fax solutions have all the capabilities of an on-site corporate fax server. With these points in mind, the only thing you need to consider when choosing a cloud fax solution is the reputation of your service provider over time. At eFax, we’ve earned a stellar reputation serving business faxing needs for more than two decades.

Keeping Your Digital Documents Safe

Your enterprise eFax account offers enhanced security encryption, which provides maximum security for your confidential and essential faxes. With enhanced security encryption, you don’t receive faxes in your email inbox. Instead, you’ll receive a fax notification with a URL. The URL will take you to the eFax MyAccount login page. The entire process is secured using Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol. All you have to do is log in to view your enterprise eFax account. Enhanced security encryption is a fast and super-secure method for retrieving your cloud fax documents.

Secure Storage for Corporate Communication

Most cloud fax services are secure and modern. They also provide a way for users to store, access and manage digital faxes. However, enterprise-grade cloud faxing offers added advanced features. For instance, it gives you and your team an online dashboard. You can easily and securely see where you stored all your past fax communications using the dashboard. This tool offers an easy way to search for documents and sort through fax transmission records.
Moving to Cloud Faxing

Moving to Cloud Faxing

It’s easy to switch to eFax cloud faxing services. The first step is to sign up for a free eFax trial and give it a spin.

Once you sign-up, you can register your account and existing fax numbers. You can also download any of our proprietary software. We offer software for various devices that allow you to access our eFax online portal securely.

Now, get rid of your fax machine! You can start sending and receiving digital faxes right away.

Start Cloud Faxing Today

For more than 25 years, Fortune 500 companies have trusted and relied on eFax cloud faxing solutions. With eFax, there’s no new hardware or software to install. We deliver a cost-effective cloud solution for all your business faxes. Plus, we offer tiered pricing and custom plans so that you can scale your faxing capabilities as you grow.

Find out today how eFax can enhance your document workflow. There’s no need to wait. Getting started with cloud faxing is easy. Claim your eFax number today!

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