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In today’s digital world, faxing without a traditional phone line has become a streamlined, efficient process. eFax offers a seamless way to send and receive faxes using just your internet connection.

Cordless, Paperless Faxing – No Fax Machine Needed

Faxing without a landline connects technology-savvy businesses with slower adopters. Nearly all businesses used to rely on faxing as a primary way to send documents to suppliers, customers, and partners. Today, much of that communication has switched to email, text messages, and file sharing. However, some organizations still rely on faxing as an important means of communication, particularly when signatures are required.
If you are one of the growing number of businesses operating without a phone line, you may be wondering if there are fax services nearby or how you can easily exchange documents with fax-loving organizations. Internet fax companies such as eFax provide easy ways to do just that.

Evolution of Faxing

Since the first fax machine hit the business market in 1964, the technology has been changing and evolving to meet the needs of companies. Larger corporations shifted from multiple stand-alone fax machines and phone lines to a single server that collected and distributed all faxes from a single line. Small businesses invested in multi-purpose office machines bringing faxing capabilities to even a home office.

According to Business Insider, the number of organizations dropping landlines is growing. While more than 10 million companies used phone lines in 2010, that number fell to 6.4 million in 2018. As a result, learning how to fax without a phone line is now a growing demand for businesses.

Follow These 6 Easy Steps To Faxing Online Without a Phone Line

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Follow These 5 Easy Steps To Hassle-Free Online Faxing

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Elevate Your Faxing Experience with eFax

Discover the full potential of eFax’s diverse offerings, tailored to fit a spectrum of requirements and scales. Whether you’re a solo professional, a small business, or a large corporation, eFax’s range of plans is designed to adapt to your unique faxing needs. Explore the options to find a solution that aligns with your workflow, volume, and specific features you desire, from basic faxing functionalities to advanced business tools. This exploration will ensure that your faxing capabilities are enhanced and perfectly synced with your operational goals.

Additional Points of Interest in eFax Services


Sophisticated Fax Management Tools

Beyond basic faxing, eFax enriches your experience with features like digital signature capabilities, facilitating easy signing of documents online, and the ability to share large files, which might not be possible through standard email attachments.


Worldwide Connectivity

eFax’s service extends your reach globally, offering local or toll-free numbers in over 150 countries. This feature ensures that your business can effortlessly maintain international communications, transcending geographical barriers.


Unwavering Reliability

Serving millions globally, eFax stands out for its dependable and secure platform. Your faxes are transmitted with high levels of encryption, ensuring confidentiality and peace of mind.


Round-the-Clock Customer Support

eFax prides itself on offering comprehensive support. Whether you have technical queries or need assistance with features, expert help is available 24/7, ensuring uninterrupted service.


Eco-Conscious Faxing Solution

Embrace an eco-friendly approach to faxing with eFax. By reducing reliance on paper and ink, your business contributes to environmental sustainability, an increasingly crucial aspect of modern business practices.


Seamless Integration

eFax’s compatibility with existing email systems underscores its commitment to streamlining communication. This integration simplifies workflow management, making the transition to digital faxing smooth and efficient.

eFax is at the forefront of modernizing traditional faxing methods. Its blend of user-friendly design and advanced features makes it an ideal choice for businesses aiming to enhance their communication infrastructure in a secure, efficient, and environmentally conscious manner.

Learn More About eFax Capabilities

Whether you want to fax a PDF or send a fax using Gmail, eFax has you covered. There are lots of cool things your eFax account is able to do. Learn more about your options when using eFax.

Options for Faxing Without a Phone Line

More and more businesses operate with only a cell phone and an internet connection. If you have gotten rid of your landline and realize you still need to send and receive faxes, you may be wondering what your options are.

1. The Old Fashioned Way

Head out to a local printer, office supply store, or even the public library and pay a small fee for a faxing service. The main advantage of this option is that the fee is low and you don’t need to have any equipment or service of your own. However, this can be very inconvenient, especially if you have ongoing faxing needs. Finding a place that’s open, getting in the car, fighting traffic, and waiting in line to fax is a big waste of time. Not only that, but giving your private documents to a stranger to have them faxed for you is something to be avoided.

2. Sign Up For An Online Fax Service

An online fax service, which easily operates with an internet connection. These services, such as eFax, provide secure, convenient ways to fax without a landline. You can sign up and start faxing in just a few minutes, and you don’t even need a scanner because you can take a photo of your document with your phone to fax. In addition to the ability to simply send and receive faxes, you tap into the service’s added benefits including document storage, electronic signature, and searchable contacts and files.


Basic Steps for Faxing Without a Landline

  1. Select an internet faxing provider such as eFax, and sign up for an account.
  2. Pick the plan that best meets the needs of your company in terms of expected fax volume.
  3. Start faxing!

Once your account is activated, create your fax with attachments or files, then enter a recipient’s fax number. You’ll have the opportunity to preview your fax before sending it, as well as file a copy once it’s sent.


Important Considerations for Choosing an Online Fax Service

Like in any growing market, new internet faxing service providers are popping up regularly. But there are also established, trusted online fax providers like eFax, which has served millions of people for over 20 years. Before selecting a service, be sure you understand what features are most important to your business and know what to look for in a fax provider. Select the service that can provide the most value for your company. Here are some important questions to ask.


What kind of security do you provide?

Businesses often rely on faxed documents to share sensitive information such as pricing quotes and contracts. Before you select a provider, make sure your information will be protected with data encryption.


Do you offer large file sharing?

If you plan on sending proposals or other large files, you may want to find out how your provider handles that volume.


Can I get my own fax number?

If you are looking to receive faxes, a fax number is going to be important (which is something you can’t get with a free fax service). A fax number can communicate something about your business. Be sure you have the option of picking a toll-free number to show you have a large, reputable presence or a local fax number to illustrate your community involvement.


Do you have electronic signature capabilities?

Many companies rely on faxes to obtain a signature for legal binding contracts or agreements. You’ll want to make sure you can easily sign a PDF or other type of document.


How are faxes stored and accessed?

Your internet fax provider should be able to provide cloud storage of your fax documents. The ability to virtually file, sort and access faxed documents can come in handy down the road.


Do you have a mobile app?

Just as businesses have moved away from fax machines, more people are shifting from desktop computers to mobile tablets and phones. Be sure your provider allows you to send and receive faxes from a mobile device. With a good fax app, you can take a picture of what you want to send and avoid having to use a scanner too.


How can I access fax documents?

You’ll want to be able to send and receive through your email account.


Can I integrate my contact list from other programs?

The last thing you want to do is key in names and fax numbers. Be sure your provider can access and integrate existing contacts from other programs.

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How to Fax Without a Phone Line Today

If you’re one of the growing number of businesses operating without a phone line, it’s time to explore your faxing options. Internet faxing is a convenient and affordable way to exchange fax documents with those customers, suppliers or partners who demand them. You can get started in minutes and avoid the hassle of finding a location that has a fax service.

Simply visit eFax, explore its many value-added features, and sign up for an account today.

Related FAQs

Certainly! eFax enables you to send faxes without the need for a traditional landline. Our internet-based faxing service allows you to enjoy the convenience of faxing without being tethered to a physical phone line.

While eFax offers various plans with different features, we do not provide a free service. However, our affordable plans come with the advantage of faxing without the constraints of a phone line, and a 14-day free trial. Explore our pricing options on the website to choose the plan that best fits your needs for sending faxes from your computer or mobile device.

Absolutely! eFax is compatible with cell phones, enabling you to use your mobile device as a fax line. Send and receive faxes on the go to turn your mobile device into a versatile tool for managing your fax communications without needing a traditional fax machine or landline.

Faxing without a phone line offers several advantages, including increased flexibility and accessibility. With eFax, you can send and receive faxes from anywhere with an internet connection. This eliminates the limitations of a physical phone line and provides a more efficient way to manage your fax communications.

No, you do not need a traditional fax machine to use eFax for faxing without a phone line. Our service operates entirely online, allowing you to send and receive faxes using your computer, tablet or smartphone. This flexibility makes faxing without a phone line more convenient and user-friendly.

Yes, you can port your existing fax number to eFax, allowing you to continue using your familiar fax number while enjoying the benefits of faxing without a phone line. Our customer support team is available to assist you through the porting process and ensure a smooth transition.

 eFax offers various plans with different usage limits to cater to your specific needs. Whether you’re a light user or have high-volume faxing requirements, we have a plan that suits you. Explore our pricing options today.