How It Works

How It Works

It’s not rocket science, people.

We’re eFax®. We think of ways to make your fax life easier.

No Obligation, No Hidden Fees, Cancel Anytime



It’s really easy to understand.
eFax® saves you money, and a whole bunch of time.

We start by letting you fax by email, which frees you from the office fax machine. Then we free you from the office entirely by letting you send and receive faxes right from your tablet or smartphone, wherever you happen to be.

eFax is simple to use. Signing up was easy, and it allowed us to send our statements via email which our clients preferred.
We’d recommend eFax to those who want to send statements electronically, rather than rely on post.
– Penny. T., DB Schenker

Send & Receive Faxes

It simply works with all your favourite devices & apps

Send & Receive Faxes

Send & receive faxes online, by email, desktop and mobile

Revolutionary, easy to use

Fax Online

Fax online by logging into your eFax account via your web browser

How to send a fax online


Log into your MyAccount and
select Send Faxes.

Enter the recipient’s fax number or select
it from your contacts.

Attach up to 10 documents and click Send

That’s it! Your recipient will receive the document directly on their fax machine. Exactly as they would a normal fax.

Fax by Email

You can fax by email using your email service of choice (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.)

How to send a fax by email


Go to your email and start composing
a new message


Type the recipient’s fax number followed by into the ‘To:’ field


Attach up to 10 documents and click Send Fax.

That’s it! Your recipient will receive the document directly on their fax machine. Exactly as they would a normal fax.

Fax from Your Desktop

Fax from your desktop by downloading the eFax Messenger Software
(Available for Mac & Windows)

How to send a fax from your desktop


Open and Log into eFax Messenger and select ‘Create New Fax’ under the ‘File’ Menu


Enter the recipient’s fax number or select
it from your contacts.


Attach up to 10 documents and click Send Fax.

That’s it! Your recipient will receive the document directly on their fax machine. Exactly as they would a normal fax.

Fax by Mobile

The eFax mobile app is another convenient way to send and receive faxes online.
(Available for Android & iOS)

How to send a fax by mobile


Tap “View Faxes” to open and review the faxes on your device


Tap “Sign Faxes” to add your electronic signature, then save your signed fax


Tap “Send Faxes” and select your recipient who will receive it as a normal fax

That’s it! Your recipient will receive the document directly on their fax machine. Exactly as they would a normal fax.

eFax is easy to setup & use. I was able to sign up and start sending and receiving faxes
within a few minutes. Plus, it costs less than half of my previous fax number through
the phone company.

– Anya. C, Ambidextrous Services

Go beyond online faxing. Fax smarter, not harder

Be a hero. Improve productivity in minutes!

Digital Signature

Digital Signature

Sign, send and save. Simply drag and place your signature stamp onto your document.


Cloud storage

Securely archive, store, and retrieve all of your faxes in the cloud. With eFax, you’ll never lose an important fax again. Ever.

Cloud Storage

Tag & Search

Organise your faxes so that they’ll always be at your fingertips when you need them. Filing and finding faxes has never been easier!

Online Fax vs. Fax Machine

Your fax machine is obsolete

Upgrading to online fax is a no brainer!

Online fax vs Traditional fax

More Productive

Every stage of faxing is just easier. Send, receive, edit, sign & store faxes anywhere, any time, any device. Plus no time wasted on fax machine problems.

More Secure

Enhanced security & privacy to keep your most sensitive documents protected

More Efficient

Enhanced security & privacy to keep your most sensitive documents protected

Get the eFax Business Advantage

You can try eFax free for 14 Days and discover for yourself why it is the most cost-effective way to fax.

Send and Recieve Faxes

Send and receive faxes as emailattachments

Numbers from around the world

Choose a real fax number from over4,700 cities around the world.

300 free fax pages

Up to 300 free fax pages
every month*.


Eliminates need for extra fax lines and
fax machines.

No more toner

No more toner, expensive phone bills,or machine repairs.

No busy Signals for Fax Machines

No busy signals, paper jams orlost/misplaced faxes.

Lifetime Storage

Lifetime storage means you’ll never
lose a fax again.

All Access

Access your faxes from your laptop,
tablet or mobile phone..

Why pay hundreds of dollars to buy/maintain a fax machine when you can
save over $1000 when you fax by email with eFax®?

eFax saves me time, money and paper. I love having the freedom to get my faxes from home, the office or on the road.
– Amanda Evans, Marketing Consultant

The top 10 reasons why online fax is right for you

Digging beyond the numbers

More Productive
You need not worry about security and privacy

Your faxes are SSL-encrypted at eFax, and can be stored in your secure web-based inbox using 128-bit encryption.

Filesize is not an issue

File size not an issue
Easily send files that are too large for email

With eFax, you can share presentations, promotional videos or high resolution images (3GB total) without freezing your email.

Confidentiality is covered

Confidentiality is covered
No need to stand over the fax machine

Remember when you had to hover over the fax machine to receive a confidential fax that was for your eyes only? Now it will drop right into your private inbox.

Send and receive faxes while on the move

Send and receive faxes while on the move
You can be out of the office and send and receive a fax

You do not have to be in the office to send or receive a fax. With eFax, you can be at a cafe and send a fax from any internet-connected device. Or you could be headed to a meeting and can receive a fax.

Simple steps

Simple steps
With eFax, it is easy to use

You log in to your account, select ‘Send Faxes’ and enter your recipient’s details or add them from your contact list. You can opt for a cover page if you want. Attach your documents (up to 10) and hit ‘Send Fax’.

Better time management

Better time management
Be more productive with your hours

You do not have to schedule your work or meetings around sending or receiving faxes. You can send and receive faxes on the go, and use your time more efficiently.

Every dollar counts

Every dollar counts
No need to budget for a fax machine or fax line

You do not need to buy a physical faxing machine, paper, toner or repairs when it breaks down. This will help your bottom line.

Free up office space

Free up office space
Save your office space for other uses

That section of the office which was dedicated to the fax machine and its supplies can be put to other uses.

Enhance your green credentials

Enhance your green credentials
Help the environment and the rainforests

Because you no longer need to use up precious paper for faxes, you can contribute to saving the planet.

No more machine fights

No more machine fights
Tired of paper jams and low toner or ink levels?

An online fax does not require any of these because the fax will drop into your inbox and not onto a machine.

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