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The Benefits of Internet Faxing

You want a faster and more reliable way to send files. With modern faxing, you can send and receive digital files in any format. Our solutions allow you to send, receive, edit, store and download documents with an easy-to-use interface.
Read on to find out why over 11 million subscribers use our faxing services each month.

Is Faxing Still a Thing?

We often hear, “Do people still send faxes?” The easy answer is a resounding “yes!” But faxing has changed and no longer requires the large and noisy machines of the past. With modern technology, you can send and receive faxes as quickly as an email—but with more security and reliability.
While you might picture the old school fax machines, we’ve developed a streamlined solution that doesn’t require purchasing additional equipment, paper or ink. Now, you can access the power of fax through your smartphone, tablet or desktop when you need to send a document.
So, toss out the idea of the bulky fax machine taking up half your desk. You don’t need to invest in expensive fax machines that can require costly maintenance and repairs. Today’s digital faxing options are much more expedient and convenient.
Picture yourself using your smartphone to quickly and securely send information directly to a colleague, boss, customer, client, patient or vendor. No matter what you do, eFax can help you do it from anywhere at any time.

Three Simple Ways to Send Your Electronic Fax

Using eFax, you have more than one option for sending your next fax. We’ve made it easy to send documents and files from your office, home or while in transit. Here are three ways to quickly send your fax depending on where you are and what you want to do.

How to Send a Fax from Your Smartphone

At eFax, we know just how much business you conduct from your phone. Our customers value their ability to work while on the go. With the eFax mobile app, it’s convenient and easy to access your eFax account directly on your phone. In just a few minutes, you can send off a fax, attaching files from your phone or other cloud storage options (like Google Drive).

How to Send a Fax from Your Email

Sending a fax by email is a very popular option for those who aren’t on their typical device or computer. Simply log into the email account associated with eFax. Then, you can put your recipient’s number followed by @efaxsend.com (for example: [email protected]). Your message in the body of the email will become the title page.

How to Send a Fax from Your Desktop

Finally, we have a lot of users who want to be able to quickly attach files and documents they are working on without leaving their desktop. You won’t need any additional steps once you’ve downloaded our eFax Messenger software. You can quickly access your eFax account to send a file or document directly from your computer to your recipient.
Of course, you can also log into your eFax account from any device or computer and go directly through our platform.

Benefits of Internet Faxing

Your workflow is about to get a lot easier! Send important data, time-sensitive notes, sensitive documents and high-res files with an eFax account. Here are some key benefits you receive with your eFax account.

Secure Delivery for Privacy

Businesses typically have a lot of data, intellectual property and customer information that they want to keep private. With online faxing, you are guaranteed a high level of security. While old methods often left papers lying around a fax machine, modern solutions mean direct delivery in digital format.
What’s more, you don’t have to rely on unsecured email to communicate. Today, hackers often target emails with malicious cyberattacks that can put your personal or business data at risk. Also, since emails are prone to phishing and malware attacks, email vendors often have strong filters that screen out suspicious emails. It’s easy for an email with an attached file to get mislabeled as spam.
Faxes are much more secure, thanks to end-to-end encryption. That means your fax content will be scrambled into a nonsensical code that only the intended recipient can decode with a special key. You won’t have to worry about sensitive or proprietary information falling into the wrong hands.

Compliance Capabilities for Customer Data

For most companies, providing customers with privacy is a very important task that can’t be compromised. Who are you relying on to protect your sensitive data?
When you use eFax, you can rest assured that your delivery will be protected. Our advanced technology will help take your business to the next level. Use eFax to ensure your documents and files are protected every time you need to send them to someone else.

Reliable Way to Send Important Documents and Files

When you send something important, you need to know it will arrive at the right place quickly. Email can be unpredictable, and delivering files by mail is expensive and time-consuming.
With eFax, you can send documents and files as quickly and easily as sending an email. We even offer large file sharing services for documents up to 3GB in size and for up to 20 recipients at a time. There is no more risk of files getting marked as spam, bounced from a full inbox, or blocked by the email provider. Use eFax for a reliable file delivery service.

Delivery Receipts to Track Arrival

Have you ever experienced someone telling you they didn’t see your message or your email went to spam? Faxing is one of the best ways to ensure your documents are received and seen. With advanced faxing capabilities from eFax, we take this a step further and send you a notification as soon as the recipient opens your fax or downloads your shared file.

Sustainable Contact Solution

Why waste paper and ink sending traditional faxes that are in a hard copy format? With online faxing, you get the same service with the ability to send over 170 file formats. If you have a hard copy of a document you need to fax, you can simply take a picture and send it with your smartphone through eFax. We are reducing the waste on the planet one fax at a time.

Convenient for Modern Workflow

We know you need to send all kinds of files, including PDF, DOC, JPEG, PSD, GIF, DFX and more. Our options make it easy to work on collaborative projects by supporting all common file types. Also, our mobile app and desktop software lets you edit, sign, create, send, receive, store and download your faxes quickly and easily.
With our convenient print-to-fax capability, sending a fax is as easy as printing a document. Plus, your recipients don’t have to be registered with eFax to receive your documents and large files.

Powerful On-the-Go File Sharing Capabilities

Our desktop software and a mobile app make it possible to send faxes no matter where you are! With on-the-go solutions like this, you can work from your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. Many of our customer reviews say they love the convenience of being able to access eFax from anywhere at any time. This feature is especially valuable if you work across multiple locations—such as in an office and at home—or travel often.

Smart File Tagging Options to Stay Organized

We make it possible to tag faxes with keywords so you can find important documents and files easily. No matter what device you are accessing eFax from, you will be able to search your sent and received faxes to find the documents you need. With this feature, you can simply log into your eFax account and download the files you need. We even offer lifetime storage to save all the faxes in your inbox and outbox.

Intuitive Design for Fast and Easy Set-Up

We are committed to making your experience fast and simple. Our software and platform are designed to be easy to use and powerful tools in your resource box. You will be able to establish multiple account users, save your electronic signature, choose a local phone number, set up lifetime storage and more with eFax!
We’ve also designed our onboarding process to be seamless and easy so that you can get started right away. Plus, since your faxing capabilities are entirely online, you won’t have to contend with lengthy equipment installations.

Choose eFax for Your File Sharing Needs

Choose an electronic faxing service that will empower you to grow your business in a sustainable way. With eFax, our solutions scale with your company. Stop paying for fax machines or cloud storage services. Sign up for eFax to receive:
  • Fast and reliable on-the-go solutions for faxing important files
  • Compatibility with file formats and digitalized documents
  • Easy, intuitive design with a quick onboarding process
Send contracts, intellectual property, marketing materials, instructional content, presentations, private information and more with the power of eFax.

Take advantage of the many benefits of eFax. Sign up today!

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