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How to Fax Using Outlook

Quickly send a fax using Outlook and eFax.

Save time by using your existing Outlook setup and email address.

How to Send a Fax from Outlook

In five easy steps, we’ll show you how to efficiently send faxes online from email using Outlook with eFax. It’s as simple as adding an attachment to any message!

How to Receive a Fax through Outlook

Receiving a fax through your Outlook is simple because it will arrive as an email attachment.


Step 1

Just open the email and click on the attachment to see the fax.

Step 2

Read, sign or forward your fax if desired.
Receiving faxes in Outlook is also more secure than using a fax machine. You’ll never have to worry again about sensitive faxes sitting around waiting for you to pick them up.

Best Outlook Email Fax Service

When it comes to email, most businesses depend on Outlook to manage their communications. Outlook and eFax together form a powerhouse that can offer your company an online faxing experience that’s fast, simple and secure.

Fax Features Beyond Email

Not only does eFax provide the best fax by email experience, but it also comes with several additional features. Faxing with the mobile app, storing faxes online for as long as you have your account, and sharing files too big to send with email are some of what makes eFax the leading online fax service.