How to Fax
Using Gmail

Conveniently fax by
Gmail with eFax.

Send and receive faxes using your existing email account, wherever you are.
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How to Send a Fax with Gmail in 6 Easy Steps

An email confirming that your fax was sent will arrive in your inbox.
You can then rest assured that your fax was successfully transmitted.

How to Receive a Fax through Gmail

To receive a fax through your Gmail account:


Share Your Fax Number

First, you need to provide your eFax number to the person who is sending you a fax. Remember, you’ll receive a free fax number when you sign up for your eFax account.

Receive Faxes in Your Inbox

After they send you their fax, instead of it arriving to you via a fax machine, it’s delivered directly into your Gmail inbox in the form of an email attachment.

View Your Faxes in Gmail

Click to open, view, sign, or forward.

The Best Gmail Fax Service

eFax and Gmail: Combined Features Make Faxing Convenient

Gmail and eFax are both extremely reliable services. Working together, Gmail and eFax should make your online faxing experience best in class.

Fax From Multiple Gmail Accounts

If you have more than one Gmail account you want to fax with, eFax has you covered.
You can use up to five different email addresses for sending and receiving faxes, making faxing by email even more convenient!
Schedule Fax

Schedule Your Fax

Using Gmail with eFax means you can schedule your fax to send anytime you’d like.
Before you hit send, click on the right side of the send button to pop up a “schedule send” option. From there, you can select the date and time you want your fax to send.

More Than One Way to Fax

With eFax, you can fax using our mobile app or online with any web browser.
We also store your faxes for the life of your account, and provide electronic signature capabilities so you never have to print and sign a fax again.