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eFax® is the world’s #1 Internet Fax brand. You can easily send and receive faxes by email from any mobile device or computer. eFax offers fast, reliable Internet fax service to countries all over the world.

  • Fast, reliable way to fax online
  • Faxes sent and received as email attachments
  • Fax to email anywhere you have Internet access
  • Secure fax service with 99% up time
  • Largest inventory of numbers
  • Lifetime storage

eFax Plus®  and eFax Pro are full-featured fax plans.

  • Send and receive faxes without page limits (overage fees may apply).
  • Choose a local or toll-free fax number.
  • Store faxes securely online in your eFax Message Center with lifetime fax storage.

eFax Free® is a limited account. (Outbound faxing is not available.)

  • Receive a fax number, up to 10 fax pages monthly, and 30 days of fax storage in the eFax Message Center. 

Yes, you can have multiple fax numbers assigned to your eFax® account.

Many of our users obtain a local fax number in not just the city in which they live, but also in the city in which they may be doing business. Live in London but are doing business in Stockholm? You can get a local fax number in Stockholm for your client’s use.

eFax Plus® and eFax Pro customers may select local and/or toll-free fax numbers in 4100+ cities all over the world. Toll-free numbers are not available with eFax Free®  accounts, and your number will be randomly assigned during signup.

When you sign up for eFax, you select a fax number from our pool of numbers.

If you have an existing fax number and would like to continue using it with the eFax Plus or eFax Pro service, please fill out and submit a request form here to port your number from your current phone carrier to eFax. Number porting is not available with an eFax Free account.

Your fax number will be solely assigned for your use and will function like any normal fax number for your callers. Online faxing is much more private than an office fax machine shared by many people. With eFax, you can view your faxes privately on your mobile phone or computer, rather than having it sit open on a community fax machine. eFax brand secure fax servers have close to a 100% uptime, which means no busy signals as well as secure, encrypted delivery of your faxes.

eFax Plus® and eFax Pro customers can receive faxes at up to five (5) email addresses per eFax number- and send faxes at up to five (5) email addresses per eFax number- at no additional charge.

With a 30-day free trial, you can experience all the benefits of a full eFax Plus® member risk-free for 30 days. Send and receive faxes by email or via the Internet. Access all features of the eFax website and eFax Message Center. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, cancel the account before the trial is over, with no obligation.

NOTE: The 30-day free trial includes free incoming and outgoing faxes for one month, within the limits stated, when signing up. Visit eFax support for pricing.

Anyone can send a fax to your eFax® number. Your eFax number works just like any regular fax number. Senders do not need to subscribe to eFax.

Faxes sent to your eFax® number will arrive in your email inbox, attached to an email from eFax.

  • Faxes will come from the email address eFax []. Be sure to add this email address to your contact book.
  • The subject line of your email will be "Fax Received From (Fax Number)".

Faxes are also delivered and stored in your eFax Message Center. To access the eFax Message Center, log into eFax > My Account, and click View Faxes.

To send a fax by email:

  1. Create a new email message.
  2. In the To: field, enter the recipient's Fax Number followed by
    For example:
    • o To send to the U.S. fax number +1 323 555 1234, enter where 1 equals the country code; 323, the area code; and 5551234, the fax number. (For a complete list of country codes, please click here. Then, click the "What countries can I send faxes to" link.)
  3. Attach the file (or files; 10 maximum) you would like to send to your outgoing email message.
  4. To include a cover page, type the text in the body of the email message. (The body works as your cover page.)
  5. Click Send.

NOTE: Your email address must be registered with eFax® as a valid send address. Click here for help registering your email address.

Whether you're sending a fax via email, the web, or by eFax Messenger®, faxing to an international number doesn't require anything special. Just make sure you format the fax number correctly. Here are some tips:

  • Use the complete destination fax number, including the country code, city code and local number.
  • When sending through eFax, in most cases it is not necessary to include the "0" before the fax number (except for Italian numbers). For example, to send to the United Kingdom number 020 7123 4567, you would drop the 0 and type the fax number as 442071234567
  • For a complete list of country codes, please click here, then click on the "What countries can I send faxes to" link.

When you send a fax, a Send Confirmation receipt will be sent to your email address, confirming transmission. Additionally, you may also view the send activity log in eFax > My Account.

To view activity logs online:

  1. Log into eFax > My Account.
  2. Click Update Account.
  3. Click the Usage tab.
  4. Beside Sending Faxes, click Activity Log.


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