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How Do I Get Started With My eFax Account?

Getting started with your new eFax® account is easy. Our innovative online fax service offers key features to help you accomplish essential tasks for your business. Take a look at the topics below to learn how to set up, navigate, and customize your eFax account so you can enjoy all the benefits of your eFax service.

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  • eFax MyAccount is an easy-to-use, online interface for you to access and manage all aspects of your account.
  • To log into your eFax account:
  • 1. Go to
  • 2. Click Login in the top navigation bar.
  • 3. Enter your eFax® Number and PIN in the spaces provided.
    • For example:
    • To log in using the U.S./Canada number +1 323 555 1234, type 13235551234.
    • To log in using the UK number +44 (0)20 7555 1234, type 442075551234.
  • 4. Click the Login button.
  • Finding your way around your eFax account is simple. Your eFax® MyAccount allows you to view faxes, send faxes, update your account information, use the Large File Share feature and more.
  • Navigate Your MyAccount
  • Your eFax Password (PIN) is a 4-digit number you use to log in to your account. When you sign up, eFax automatically creates a PIN for you, but for security purposes you should change it on your first login.
  • To change your eFax password:
  • 1. Log in to eFax MyAccount.
  • 2. Click Update Account.
  • 3. Click the Profile tab.
  • 4. In the Password section, click Edit.
  • 5. Enter your Current Password, then New Password (followed by Confirm Password).
  • You can easily customize various elements of your eFax account and service. For example, you can edit the details of your eFax profile anytime — name, contact email, PIN, phone numbers— change your default language, time and date preferences, default home page, the email addresses you can use to send and receive faxes, and the level of security applied to your faxes
  • Learn more about customizing your account
  • You can add a fax number to your eFax account at your convenience. Our pool of available fax numbers is always expanding, and we now offer numbers in more than 4,000 cities in 50 countries. For a complete list of cities where fax numbers are available, click here.
  • Add numbers to my account

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