eFax® FAQs

What is eFax® and How It Works

eFax® is the world leader in online faxing, offering a fast, reliable fax service to customers around the world. eFax® lets you send and receive faxes via email, desktop or mobile app – available for both iOS and Android.

With no need for an extra fax line or a fax machine, businesses of all industries are saving money with eFax®. Imagine the savings – no toner, no phone bills and no repair costs. And with eFax®Cloud Storage, you don’t have to worry about losing a fax again.

Tired of printing out documents just to sign them? eFax® has the answer. With Electronic Signature, eFax® lets you save your signature and upload it to your account. You can use it at any time, for any document – no printing required.

As an eFax® customer, you get also avail of our full suite of Document Management Features:

  • Electronic Signature
  • Online Cloud Storage
  • Large File Sharing
  • Searchable Faxing

eFax® is the most efficient way to receive and send faxes. As someone who travels 75% of the work week, I can still get all my faxes as they come in, and send out things whenever necessary from wherever I am. I can add my signature, store faxes, and view them on line.

It is a GREAT service.

Mark Smith, Coromega

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The eFax® free trial gives you all the benefits of a full eFax® customer, risk free. You can send and receive faxes immediately via email, desktop or smartphone app – available for both  iOS and Android. You can also take advantage of our full set of eFax® Document Management features.

Don’t want to pay for a full eFax® membership? Cancel before your trial is over and we won’t charge you a thing.

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NOTE: The free trial includes FREE sending and receiving of faxes within the limits stated in your offer.

When you click on the signup button, you’ll be asked to choose your free eFax® number. Fill in the rest of the information on the form and your account is all set up. If you want to get more than one eFax® number, contact our sales team .

Once you have signed up for your eFax® account, you will be able to start sending and receiving faxes immediately.

Anya Curry, Ambidextrous Services

“eFax has allowed me as a small business owner to control costs as well as stand next to major corporations”.

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Anyone can send you a fax. An eFax® number works just like a normal fax number. Your callers will never know the difference.

Get an eFax® account and start saving today

Your eFax® will assign you a fax number solely for your use. Once you’ve signed up, you can use this number as you would a regular fax number.

Get your own personal eFax® fax number now

Yes, you can get up to 10 numbers with your eFax® account.

Want more than ten numbers? Ask our Sales Team about our eFax® Corporate solution. Visit our Corporate section for more details

Download our free app for iOS or Android. Once you’ve signed up for an account, you can send faxes directly from the app. You’ll also have the opportunity to use the full range of eFax® features.

Want to send and receive faxes via email? Just register the email on your smartphone or tablet to your eFax® account. It’s that easy!

Yes. eFax® lets lets register up to five email addresses on your account.

Online faxing is much more secure than faxing with an office (or public) fax machine. When you receive a fax, eFax®, will send you a notification email that contains a unique URL. Click on this URL and you will be taken to the eFax® My Account login over a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection. Log in to eFax® My Account and your fax is ready to be viewed. It’s simple, secure, and convenient.

NOTE: The eFax® Enhanced Security encryption technology provides maximum security for your faxes; however, you will not be able to receive faxes directly by email. Instead, you’ll receive a notification of new faxes by email, but to view the fax you’ll need to log in to your eFax® My Account.

We provide fax numbers in thousands of cities around the world. Get a number in your preferred city.

How To Use eFax®

Sending a fax with eFax® is easy! Choose from any of the following options convenient for you.


Send a fax online in a few seconds. Simply login to your eFax® online account and follow the steps below:

  • Click ‘Send Faxes’
  • Enter the name and fax number
  • Attach the file(s) you would like to fax
  • Press ‘Send Fax’

eFax® App

Download our FREE eFax® app for iOS or Android and send your faxes wherever, whenever. Follow the steps below to start sending in seconds:

  • Open the eFax® app
  • Press ‘Send A Fax’
  • Enter the name and fax number
  • Attach the file(s) you would like to send
  • Press ‘Send’


Sending a fax via email is so simple, just follow the steps below:

  • Open a new email.
  • In the ‘To:’ field, enter the recipients fax number followed by @efaxsend.com.
    For example to send to the UK number +44 (0)20 3147 4872, you would enter [email protected]
  • Attach the file(s) you would like to send.
  • If you would like to include a cover page, please enter the text in the body of the email.
  • Click ‘Send’.

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When you receive a fax to your eFax® number, you will receive an email notification to your email inbox.

  • Faxes will come from the email address – [email protected]
  • The subject line of your email will be “eFax® Message From (Fax Number)”

You can also receive your faxes straight to your smartphone or tablet with our FREE eFax® app for iOS or Android.

All of your faxes, sent and received, are available in your eFax® online account. Never lose an important fax again!

Sign up for an eFax® account today

To access your faxes simply login to your eFax® online account to see a copy of all of your sent and received faxes. All of your faxes will be archived here for the lifetime of your eFax® account.

Login to your eFax® online account

Did you know we also have a FREE eFax® app for iOS and Android?

With the eFax® you can receive your faxes straight to your smartphone or tablet.

Each time you send a fax, you will be sent a send confirmation receipt to your email address confirming the transmission.

You can also check the status of each fax in your eFax® online account or on our FREE eFax® app.

Login to your eFax® online account

Once you have created your electronic signature, signing faxes with eFax® is easy. You will never have to print out a document just to sign it again. Simply receive it, sign it and resend it.

You can sign faxes from your eFax® online account or from our FREE eFax® app for iOS or Android.

Sign up for an eFax® account today

To update the email address(es) on your eFax® account, login to your eFax® online account and go to the Preferences tab.

Login to your eFax® online account

Remember you can have up to five sending and five receipt email addresses associated with your account.

eFax® Document Management Features

Located in your eFax® online account, the Message Centre is an online mailbox that lets you access your faxes anywhere you have a connection to the internet. In eFax® Message Centre; you can store an unlimited number of documents, sign faxes with your electronic signature, share large files up to 1GB and even use searchable faxing to find faxes easily.

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eFax® Electronic Signature will change the way you sign documents. You will never have to print out a document just to sign it again.

Create an electronic version of your own signature and save it in your eFax® account. Your signature will be available for use wherever, whenever. Simply receive it, sign it and resend it.

You can sign faxes from your eFax® online account or from our FREE eFax® app for iOS or Android.

Sign up for eFax® and start digitally signing today

A unique feature to eFax® is Large File Sharing which allows you to send large files of up to 3GB, without resulting in bounced or blocked email. Large File Sharing is a great way to share large files such as high resolution images, large presentations, even videos.

Sign up for eFax® and start sharing large files today

With eFax® Cloud Storage you will never lose an important fax again.

Each fax you send and receive is stored in the cloud for the life of your eFax® account. Together with searchable faxing; storing, searching and archiving faxes will never be a hassle again.

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Each time you receive a fax, eFax® scans your fax and identifies certain keywords. We will then index those keywords, allowing you to search for specific fax content. You don’t need to do anything to index your faxes. They are indexed automatically upon arrival and should be available for search within minutes of receipt.

The following parts of your incoming fax will be scanned and indexed:

  • Fax Headers (To, From, Date, Subject, Caller ID)
  • Fax Attachments (Cover Page and Body)

You can also apply custom keyword tags to your faxes for easy searching. All of these indexed keywords and custom tags are available in our FREE eFax® app too.

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The eFax® app for Word gives you the freedom to manage your business documents and is an essential business tool for all professionals. The eFax® app for Word allows you to easily and conveniently send fax documents without leaving Word. Simply download the FREE eFax® app and start faxing the Word document you have right in front of you.

No longer tied to their office printer or fax machine, Word users can send business critical faxes — contracts that close deals, POs that stock the shelves or invoices that trigger payments — while on the move. Activities that were once limited to the office and to business hours are now done around the clock and via the cloud.

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eFax® My Account Settings

To login to your eFax® online account you must enter your eFax® login and PIN into the fields provided. Your eFax® login is your eFax® number in international format. For example: If you have a UK eFax® number of +44 (0)20 3147 4872, you would enter 442031474872 If you have an Irish eFax® number of +353 (0)1 656 4909, you would enter 35316564909 If you have a US eFax® number of +1 323 817 3207, you would enter 13238173207 Login to your eFax® online account
To retrieve your eFax® login and/or PIN go to the login page and click on the Forgot Login or Forgot PIN tabs. Your login information will be sent to your email address. Retrieve your eFax® login and/or PIN Alternatively, you can contact our Customer Support.
To update the email address(es) on your eFax® account, login to your eFax® online account and go to the Preferences tab. Login to your eFax® online account. Remember: you can have up to five sending and five receiving email addresses associated with your account.
To update your billing information, login to your eFax® online account and go to the Profile tab.
To update your billing information, login to your eFax® online account and go to the >Billing tab. Did you know that we offer credit card, direct debit and bank transfer as valid payment methods for eFax®? To change your payment method, please call our customer support team.

The initial faxes that you receive to your eFax® number each month are completely free.

See how many free inbound pages are included in your eFax® package

The cost to send an individual fax is calculated based on the recipient’s location and the length of the document sent. Click here for a complete list of all of the eFax® send rates

Should you wish to cancel your eFax® account, please call our customer support .

NOTE: Your account will remain active until your cancellation request is confirmed.

See for yourself how easy it is to
Sign, send and store documents.

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International Send Rates

Use eFax®’s international send rates menu to see the cost to send a fax to nearly any country of your choice. To send an international fax, you can fax by email, online

These rates apply to fax pages that take less than 60 seconds to transmit, which covers approximately 90% of all fax pages. Faxes, regardless of size, that take longer than 60 seconds to transmit will be billed on a per-minute basis instead of per page. No special offers apply. Value Added Tax (VAT) and other consumption taxes may apply to all charges depending on your country of residence.