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7 Best Fax Moments in Film and TV

Fax machines have been around for over 175 years now, so it’s no surprise they’ve been spotlighted in various TV shows and movies. Here we look at seven of the best fax moments on the big screen. Have you seen all these gems?

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Online Fax Provider Checklist

online fax services checklist

Approximately a decade after email lifted the burden of written communication from our everyday correspondence, email to fax service providers have lifted the burden of slow, incomplete and corrupted fax transmissions from our work and personal lives. But internet faxing isn’t just about making faxing more reliable. It’s also about letting you take greater control […]

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What is Print to Fax?

Need to send a fax without a fax machine? Learn how you can use print to fax to send documents from any program that prints!

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The Cloud. What’s in it for me?

Cloud Fax Benefits

The explosive growth in cloud computing has resulted in huge benefits to small businesses, from significant cost savings to increased efficiencies. It has also sparked confusion, with many asking: “What does ‘cloud computing’ mean and what’s in it for me as a small business owner?” Turns out there’s not really a simple answer to the […]

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Guide to Cloud Faxing on a Multifunction Printer

Fax on a Multifunctional Cloud Printer

Clunky traditional fax machines are often seen as outdated technology. And yet, in many industries, the demand for faxing isn’t just thriving—it’s on the rise. But this doesn’t mean an increase in the sales of fax machines. Even before the pandemic, fax machines were on their way out of the picture for many businesses. These […]

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Choose the Best Online Fax Services for Small Business

best small business fax service

Faxing remains in wide use, even as other forms of communication have been gaining momentum. Small and large companies worldwide still use fax machines to communicate, notably in the public sector and the healthcare sector. However, we’re living in the digital era. As a result, digital options such as online fax services, which enable you […]

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The Best Way to Share Documents Online

Share Confidential Documents Securely

More than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created and shared daily. This data comes in many forms, from social media images to numbers in a spreadsheet. But what happens when that data is confidential and must be shared between two parties? Sharing confidential files online is something that happens every single day. However, despite being common […]

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