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How to Fax Your Senator or Representative: A Guide to Political Engagement

The U.S. political scene continues to heat up. The next presidential election is on the horizon, and numerous bills are under consideration every day on everything from tax policy to the environment. Active citizens are looking for ways to give their input and share stories with government officials to help shape the direction of the laws being passed and funding being considered.
Whether you’re traveling during an election or want to share feedback on an important issue with your senator or representative, faxing makes it simple to engage. Here’s a closer look at how online faxing tools make it easier to have a voice in the political process — no fax machine required.

Contacting Your Senator or Congressional Representative by Fax

Politicians are constantly working on issues that affect the regions they represent, as well as the entire nation. They rely on feedback from their constituents to help guide their decisions.
While there are many ways to contact your senator, faxing offers unique benefits. You’ll bypass busy telephone signals and avoid getting routed to an intern, and you’ll never submit a letter through a contact form and wonder if it’s been received. Faxing your representative lets you compose your thoughts in writing, send them directly to their office, and receive confirmation that the fax has successfully gone through.

How do I fax my senator or representative?

Fax Your Absentee Ballot

Online faxing can also help you stay connected when it’s time to vote if you’re going to be out of town during an election. Absentee ballots make it possible to send in your vote for any election — local, state or federal. Yet if you’re overseas with the military or traveling to a distant location on a business trip, you may not have reliable or affordable access to postal service.
There are two ways online faxing can help:

Faxing to request an absentee ballot

According to the Federal Voting Assistance Program, absentee ballots can be used by military members, individuals who are traveling or American citizens residing overseas. Typically, the voter must submit an application to receive the absentee ballot form. Fax in that request to get an absentee ballot sent to you.

Submitting your absentee ballot

Once you’ve received your ballot and filled it out, it’s important to return it and verify receipt to make sure your vote is counted. Many voting offices will accept submissions via fax. However, it’s important to verify the available submission methods directly with your local voting office or voting official. The easiest way to obtain this information is by visiting the Federal Voting Assistance Local Election Office Search. From there, select your state and then you’ll find references to your county’s official, who you’ll need to contact for additional information.
eFax’s online faxing solution makes it easy to send letters to your government officials, submit an absentee ballot, or send other political communications. Send or sign documents directly from your smartphone or laptop. With online faxing, it’s not hard to stay involved in the political process and ensure that your voice is heard.

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