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Can I Fax from My Brother Printer

Brother printer
Brother printers have built-in fax capabilities that make it easy for users to send and receive faxes. By using your printer’s Automatic Document Feeder (ADF), scanner, or PC-FAX feature, you can send a fax in just a couple of minutes.

How to Fax on Brother Printer

Start by making sure your phone line is connected to your printer. Without a phone line, you won’t be able to use either of the first two methods to fax from your Brother printer.
Here’s how to send a fax with a Brother printer.

Use the Automatic Document Feeder

To send a fax using your Brother printer’s ADF:
  1. Place your fax documents into the ADF.
  2. If Fax Preview is turned off, select Fax. If Fax Preview is turned on, press Fax, then Sending Faxes.
  3. Manually enter your recipient’s fax number, or select a recipient from your address book. 
  4. Choose Fax Start.
Once you hit Fax Start, the printer will deliver your documents to the recipient. If you want to cancel your fax, select Cancel before the fax is complete.

Use the flat scanner glass

  1. Place your fax document on the flat scanner glass face-down.
  2. If Fax Preview is turned off, select Fax. If Fax Preview is turned on, press Fax, then Sending Faxes.
  3. Manually enter your recipient’s fax number, or select a recipient from your address book.
  4. Choose Fax Start.
  5. The machine will ask you if you want to send a color fax. Choose Yes or No to move on.
  6. The screen will ask you if you have any more pages. Select No to send a single page. If you select Yes, move on to the next step.
  7. Place Your next fax document face-down on the scanner.
  8. Select OK.
  9. Repeat steps 6 – 8 until you have scanned every page that you want to fax.
  10. After all pages have been scanned, choose No when asked if you have any more pages.
After selecting No, your Brother printer will send your fax.

Use the PC-FAX feature

With the Brother PC-FAX feature, users can send any application or document file as a fax without a phone line.
  1. Open a file on your computer and Print it.
  2. Choose Brother PC-FAX as the printer, then click Print.
  3. Enter a fax number in the Brother PC-FAX dialog box.
  4. To include a cover page, Click the Add Cover Page check box to include a cover page.
  5. Click Start to send your fax.
The PC-FAX feature is the easiest way to send a fax from a Brother printer.

How to Receive Fax on Brother Printer

By turning on the PC-FAX receive feature, your Brother printer will automatically store received faxes and send them to your PC.
To do set up this feature, follow these steps:
  1. Click Start.
  2. Choose All Apps > Brother > Brother Utilities.
  3. Select the correct model name.
  4. Click PC-FAX Receive.
  5. Click Receive.
After enabling this feature, you can start receiving faxes on your Brother printer and view them on your computer.
While you can certainly fax from a printer, there’s a better way – eFax.

Faxing With eFax

Online fax services like eFax make it easier than ever to send and receive faxes from any device with an internet connection – no printer or fax machine needed.
Whether you’re at home, at the office, or on the road, you can send and receive faxes with your computer, mobile phone, or tablet with eFax.
Here are three ways to fax with the eFax online faxing service.

Send faxes with eFax online

eFax users can send faxes directly from their desktop by logging into their eFax account and creating a new message.
To send a fax using eFax online:
  1. Sign in to your eFax account.
  2. Select Send Faxes.
  3. Enter the recipient’s Name and Company, or choose a recipient from your contacts.
  4. Navigate to Select Fax-To Country and choose your recipient’s country.
  5. Type in your recipient’s Fax Number.
  6. Choose Include Cover Page.
  7. Enter a subject and body.
  8. Select Browse and upload your documents.
  9. Select OK.
  10. Click Send Faxes.
The eFax online service makes it as easy as possible to send faxes right from your desktop or laptop.

Fax with eFax Messenger

After downloading eFax Messenger, follow these steps to send a fax:
  1. Open a document on your computer.
  2. Print the document.
  3. Choose eFax Messenger as the print location.
  4. Click Print.
The file should now show up in eFax Messenger. To fax this file:
  1. Click New Fax
  2. Enter the recipient’s information in the Create window, or choose a contact from your Address Book.
  3. If you want a copy of the fax for your records, click Send Copy to Me.
  4. Type the Subject and an Attention name.
  5. Add more pages by clicking the Add New Page (+) button in the sidebar. Choose to add a Blank Page, add a Cover Page, or Import File.
  6. Click Attach file to select files for upload.
  7. Click Send Fax.
With eFax Messenger, users can easily send and receive faxes without a fax machine or phone line.

How to Fax by Email

To quickly send a fax via email, follow these steps:
  1. Sign in to your email account and Create a new message.
  2. Enter the recipient’s fax number followed by @efaxsend.com in the To field (e.g. [email protected]).
  3. Attach up to 10 files.
  4. Type in the body of the email to add a cover page.
  5. Click Send.
eFax will then deliver your fax to your recipient.

Why Use an Online Fax Service?

Online fax services offer unmatched convenience, versatility, and flexibility compared to traditional alternatives like fax machines and printers. With eFax, you never have to worry about maintenance, installation, materials, phone lines, or any other costs associated with old-school faxing methods.
eFax offers a number of unique features and benefits that can’t be replicated by printers or fax machines, including:
  • Electronic signatures
  • Toll-free fax numbers
  • Local fax numbers
  • Online fax storage
  • Free mobile fax app
  • Fax by email
  • Large file sharing
With online faxing services, users can send a fax from anywhere with an internet connection, be it at home or at the office.
For anyone looking for a cost-effective and accessible way to send faxes, eFax is the ultimate solution.

How do I receive a fax on my Brother printer?

Brother printers include a PC-FAX receive feature that lets users receive faxes on their printers and view them on their computers.

How do I fax from my Brother printer?

Brother printers offer three ways for users to send faxes. You can fax by scanning your documents, feeding them into the Automatic Document Feeder, or by using the PC-FAX feature included with your printer.

How do I set up fax on my Brother printer?

All you need to do to set up your Brother printer for faxing is connect an active phone line to your printer. If you’re using the PC-FAX feature on your Brother printer, you don’t have to set anything up to get started.

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