How to Sign a Fax with Your iPhone

Send Documents Quickly with On-the-Go Faxing Solutions

Professionals today need workplace solutions that fit into their busy routines and flexible workflow. Your invoices, bills, patient documents, images, video clips and more can all be sent securely through fax anywhere at any time. With an eFax account, faxing can be done directly on your phone—the most convenient and travel-friendly solution for sending important content.

You will have the ability to sign, send, receive and save faxes all from one convenient mobile app. This way, eFax empowers professionals to get work done without being tied to the office.

Start using your smartphone to quickly and securely send information directly to a colleague, boss, customer, client, patient or vendor. 

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See how easy it is to sign a fax with your iPhone.

Anytime, Anywhere Faxing with Your iPhone

Modern technology allows you to fax more securely and reliably than email or traditional faxing. Now, you can send documents and files directly to your recipient using their fax number without allowing papers to be left around the fax machine. No need to make sure someone is waiting on the other end to collect the documents as soon as they print. Your electronic fax will sit securely until the recipient is ready to save, edit or print the information.

No need for additional equipment, paper or ink, too. Electronic faxing allows you to easily sign and resend documents right from your smartphone, tablet or desktop. Plus, your sent faxes can be held on file, ready for whenever you might need to access them again.


How to Securely Sign a Fax Using Your iPhone

It’s easy to create an online signature with your iPhone using eFax. This allows you to instantly add your mark on a document without the need to print or open the document in another program. You can get everything done right in eFax and save your signature for future use. 

There are two simple ways to create your signature for signing faxes right from your phone. No need to print out documents or have a pen on hand. Use one of these methods to create your signature for quick electronic document signing.


Two Convenient Ways to Create Your Electronic Signature

Snap a photo of your handwritten signature.

Use your finger to sign right on your mobile screen.

Snap a Picture of Your Signature

This method is fast, easy and consistent. Just take a picture of your handwritten signature and choose that image each time you need to sign something. Now, you will have your signature on file whenever you need to sign a document.

Use Your Finger to Draw Your Signature

If you don’t have access to a viable camera or don’t want to have a picture of your signature on your device, you can also just draw it directly on the app. Using the popup box, you can sign documents right on the screen with your finger. While you have to redo this signature with each document, it is still an easy, quick and painless process.

Why Use eFax from Your iPhone?

Traditional faxing meant you were tied to an office space with a bulky fax machine. Plus, with old faxing methods, you could only output paper documents. In today’s fast-paced world, traditional faxing is outdated and inconvenient.

But like everything else, faxing has evolved. New faxing solutions provide a powerful and secure way to send digital files and documents. 

With an eFax account, you get powerful formatting and editing capabilities. The eFax mobile app is perfect for faxing digital files directly from your iPhone. No need to print or scan. No worries about having your attachment blocked or sent to spam.

With eFax, you will have the ability to collaborate faster, send professional faxes more conveniently and receive faxes anywhere, anytime. eFax is user-friendly and makes it as easy to send a fax as it is to send an email—without the risk of it bouncing.

Benefits of Mobile Faxing with eFax

Once you experience the ease of mobile faxing, there’s no going back. Faxing has evolved to include the best options technology has to offer—meaning, your workflow is about to get a lot easier.

You can send important data, time-sensitive notes, sensitive documents and high-res files with your new mobile eFax account. Other key benefits include:

  • Ability to Send Faxes from Anywhere: Use the mobile eFax app to send your faxes while you are out and about, on your commute, at home and more. Mobile faxing allows you to fax flexibly.
  • Use Equipment You Already Have:You already have the smartphone—why purchase anything else? No need for a phone line, bulky fax machines, ink or paper. Use the tools you have for smarter professional communication.
  • Easily Fits in Your Daily Workflow: With a phone in your hand and mobile faxing by your side, you won’t have to change a thing to achieve consistent and reliable communication with your team, clients or partners.
  • Larger Capacity for Original Files: If you need space, you can have it. eFax’s large file sharing capabilities let you send up to 20 people files as large as 3GB per link. This way, you don’t have to send compressed files because of file sharing restraints.
  • Take a Picture to “Scan” Documents: Have a paper document? No problem! Just snap a picture and send off your fax without the need for a scanner.
  • Instantly Add Your Electronic Signature: Using a picture of your handwritten signature or drawing with your finger on the screen, you can quickly create a signature to use on any documents you need to sign and send.
  • Delivery and Download Notifications: No more wondering if your document has been received. eFax digital receipts let you know when the recipient has gotten your fax and if they’ve downloaded any files shared using your link.

Modern Faxing Solutions with eFax

Electronic fax offers an easy and secure way to conduct business. eFax empowers you to grow your business with sustainable and modern solutions. Stop paying for faxing supplies or cloud storage services. With eFax mobile, you’ll receive:

  • Fast and reliable on-the-go solutions that protect your privacy
  • Original file formats and digitized documents for modern workflows
  • Quick onboarding with a simple, intuitive platform interface

Securely send contracts, bills, presentations, intellectual property, marketing materials, instruction videos, customer data and more with the power of eFax. Keep your communication professional and convenient to empower long-term growth.

Joining eFax only takes a few minutes. Find out why over 11 million subscribers are using eFax each month.

Learn More About eFax Capabilities

Whether you want to fax a PDF or send a fax using Gmail, eFax has you covered. There are lots of cool things your eFax account is able to do. Learn more about your options when using eFax.