How to Sign a Fax with Your iPhone

Need to Sign and Send Your Fax on the Go?

The eFax® mobile app makes it easy to sign documents and close deals faster—from anywhere.
You’ll never have to worry about finding a printer or scanner to sign and send a fax again. eFax empowers professionals to get work done faster—without being tied to the office.
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See how easy it is to sign a fax with your iPhone.

Two Convenient Ways to Create Your Electronic Signature

Snap a photo of your handwritten signature.

Use your finger to sign right on your mobile screen.

How to Capture a Signature with Your iPhone

You’ll never have to print out copies of documents to sign with a pen again. With eFax, simply take a picture of your signature with your iPhone, add it electronically to your fax documents, and save.

How to Sign a Fax with Your Finger

eFax enables you to electronically sign a document by simply writing your signature with your finger on your iPhone’s touchscreen, making it easy to conduct business on the go.