Online faxing gives SMEs the edge in Mexico

MEXICO’S economy is said to be the 15th largest in the world in nominal terms and boasts macroeconomic stability.

There are around 69 million internet users in the country and it is experiencing a surge in demand for broadband services.

Small business owners can take advantage of the benefits of broadband to move ahead of the competition.

One of the ways they obtain the edge is via the use of the cloud. The cloud can be employed to store heavy files and, among other things, online faxes.

Electronic faxing can give entrepreneurs in Mexico the edge on a variety of fronts – from better time management, to cost savings, security and confidentiality, to better green credentials.

Online faxing uses the internet and email. So there is no need for separate hardware, like the traditional fax machine, to be able to send or receive faxes online.

A fax can be emailed across to a client using the internet and it can be received from a client over the internet.

By using an online fax, small businesses can do away with the traditional fax machine. This cuts cost on a few fronts – from having to buy the machine, as well as the accessories such as paper and toner and ink. All these cost savings could be put to better use in a small business. Then there is the saving on repairs – the cost of paying someone to visit your premises and repair the physical machine. And if the machine is beyond repair, the cost of replacing it.

There are other savings, such as time. Good time management in a small business, like any business, can give an enterprise the edge it needs in a crowded marketplace.

Time management is a major plus for users of the online fax. Now a business owner does not have to be present in the office when a fax is expected. The business owner can be on the move to another meeting or sourcing material while the fax drops into their email inbox.

This gives small business owners flexibility and can help them manage their time better because they are able to arrange work at their convenience. This could mean an increase in productivity for the business and, over time, may help with the bottom line.

Ditto when sending a fax. They do not need to be in the office to send a fax. This can be done on their laptop or smart device, be it a tablet or smartphone.

A company like eFax offers business owners various features as part of their services. One such feature is the digital signature.

There are two ways of availing of this service. An entrepreneur can drop in a stored photograph of their signature onto a document that needs to be signed and faxed. They do not need to be in the office to do it. They can do it on the go and could be able to seal a deal while out of the office.

The second way is by another of eFax’s features – the Finger Signatures via the mobile app. When using this feature, the entrepreneur uses his or her finger to trace their signature on the screen.

Also, if an entrepreneur is expecting a confidential fax, with the online facility, there is no need to wait in the office and by the fax machine to make sure no one else sees it. The confidential fax will now drop directly into the business owner’s email inbox and away from inquisitive eyes around the office. Again, the time that would have been spent waiting around the office to make sure no one sees the confidential fax, can be utilised more productively.

The physical space that the traditional fax machine used could be put to use for a different purpose. Also, the supplies cupboard would now be free of the paper and toner supplies for the fax machine.

Faxes received via electronic fax can be stored in the cloud. This means that confidential faxes are not left lying around the office. All live in the cloud and can be accessed via a few clicks of a button.

Entrepreneurs can access faxes in the office and at meetings which are conducted outside the office, giving them that much-needed accessibility.

eFax offers cloud storage too – this means an entrepreneur will not lose or misplace a fax if it is in the cloud. With the company’s tag and search feature, an entrepreneur can organise online faxes, enabling them to be found easily, whenever needed.

The size of the file does not matter when faxing online. One of the services that eFax offers is large file sharing. These include promotional videos, high-resolution images and sales presentations. Huge files tend to slow down or freeze emails. Online faxing voids all that.

eFax offers a 14-day free trial to kick things off. After 14 Days, the cost is $143.00 a month.

A business can choose a new fax number or transfer the existing fax number for free with eFax. A business also does not need new hardware or software or training to be able to get going with electronic faxing.

eFax also offers 24/7 customer support in case there are issues with the electronic fax.

Another eFax feature is the PDF converter – the means if an entrepreneur wants to open or send a file as a PDF, they can use the PDF converter.

And one of the big issues of the day is the damaging cost of our lifestyle on the environment. Electronic faxing means an enterprise is one step closer to becoming a paperless office. And in this day and age, everyone wants to talk up their green credentials. Going paperless is one step in that direction.

With the electronic fax, an entrepreneur does not need paper to print every fax for file records. The entrepreneur can store the electronic faxes in the cloud and access them on demand.