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A Quick Fix for a Fax Crisis

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

You’re a busy professional, always on the go, and your smart phone has become the lifeline of your business.

People mistakenly call yours a “home-based business,” but the truth is that you’re always doing business, no matter where you are — in the car, at the coffee place, while you’re shopping for groceries, in the airport, at your child’s soccer practice…...

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Scenario: A client needs you to fax a critical document, pronto. Or they ask for your fax number, so they can fax a proposed contract change to you right away.

Your first thought might be: “Fax??? Really??? Is my client stuck in the 90s??"

(The truth? Even in 2013 -- the age of email and texting, fax remains as one of the most reliable, commonly used and trusted ways to send and receive critical business documents. Especially in the real estate, legal, manufacturing, finance and healthcare industries.)

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eFax - Keeping Great Companies Connected

Thursday, October 03, 2013

You're an entrepreneur, and you’re having a good news/bad news type of day.

The good news: Today's mail includes a check from one of your clients. The bad news? Along with that check is a letter from the client stating that from this point forward, they require all vendors to switch to direct deposit for payment...

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