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The 20 Most Hilarious Fax Memes

Fax machines are many things to many people, and nowhere is this more evident than the Twittersphere. Feelings of confusion, frustration, anger and sheer terror are evoked when it comes to this particular piece of tech. After scouring the depths of Twitter, we’ve compiled the 20 most hilarious tweets about fax machines.

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Best Business Podcasts

best business podcast

Podcasts are perfect for busy entrepreneurs or small business owners. Get new ideas and gain insights with these 20 top business podcasts.

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How to Fax Using a Canon Printer

Learn how to fax from a Canon printer. Send and receive faxes from your printer! We’ll also show you how to fax online with eFax for a better solution.

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Can I Fax from My Brother Printer

Brother printer

Learn how to fax with a Brother printer. Send and receive faxes from your printer! For an easier solution, we’ll also show you how to fax online with eFax.

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When Was the Fax Machine Invented

History of the Fax Machine

The fax machine has a much longer history than you might think! Invented back in 1843 by Alexander Bain, the “Electric Printing Telegraph” was the world’s first faxing device. Since then, faxing has transformed many times.

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How to Fax From Windows 10

Business Woman Laptop Faxing

There are several ways to send a fax from your Windows computer. Here we explore the various options and give easy-to-follow instructions for how to faxing using Windows 10. Learn more about the different ways to fax, and choose what’s right for you.

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