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How to Fax From Windows 10

Business Woman Laptop Faxing

There are several ways to send a fax from your Windows computer. Here we explore the various options and give easy-to-follow instructions for how to faxing using Windows 10. Learn more about the different ways to fax, and choose what’s right for you.

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What is the Black Fax Prank?

The black fax prank can hurt your business and disable your fax machine. Learn how it’s done, and how to avoid black faxes with eFax.

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Fax Service Near Me

fax machine copier printer

If you’re looking for the best way to “send a fax near me,” eFax has the solution for you. Forget about taking the time to drive all the way to a fax service near you, within their hours of operations, pay ridiculous fees per page, and all the other hassles that come with fax services.

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Top Tech of the 1980s and What’s Replaced Them

The 1980s was quite the decade, and its technology was the precursor to much of what we enjoy today. Fax machines, floppy disk, pagers and more – ‘80s tech triggers nostalgia. Check out these top gadgets of the time period, and what’s replaced them today.

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7 Best Fax Moments in Film and TV

Fax machines have been around for over 175 years now, so it’s no surprise they’ve been spotlighted in various TV shows and movies. Here we look at seven of the best fax moments on the big screen. Have you seen all these gems?

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J2 Global to Spin-off Cloud Fax and Consensus as New Public Company

j2 global

We are pleased to share with you exciting news that J2 Global, Inc. announced that it plans to split into two independent, publicly traded companies. The two new companies will be J2 Global Inc. and Consensus. Our Cloud Fax brands, Consensus products, and digital signature product will operate under the new Consensus organization.

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