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eFax to the Rescue: 3 Problems Solved by Faxing Online

Faxing by Phone, Computer

Life is filled with surprises. While you can’t always stop stressful life events from happening, you can take swift action to resolve them as quickly as possible. That’s where an online fax account from eFax comes in. Using your web browser or the eFax mobile app, you can instantly share important documents with anyone, anywhere!

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The 5 Most Epic Fax Machine Fails

Most Epic Fax Machine Fails

If your fax machine decides to have a bad day, you could end up stuck without a way to send or receive important or private information. For some, this could be life-changing. It turns out that a few pretty big news stories have featured a fax machine flop.

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How To Fax Your Senator or Representative and Make Your Voice Heard

Whether you’re traveling during an election or want to share feedback on an important issue with your senator or representative, faxing makes it simple to engage. Here’s a closer look at how online faxing tools make it easier to have a voice in the political process — no fax machine required.

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When Was the Fax Machine Invented

History of the Fax Machine

The fax machine has a much longer history than you might think! Invented back in 1843 by Alexander Bain, the “Electric Printing Telegraph” was the world’s first faxing device. Since then, faxing has transformed many times.

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How to Fax From Skype

Learn about faxing from Skype, and if it’s possible to send or receive a fax. We also look at other online faxing options to help you choose the best faxing method.

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How to Fax Wirelessly

Learn how to send a fax wirelessly. Faxing over WiFi can be done a few different ways. Here we compare popular methods for sending a fax with a wireless connection so you can choose the best faxing option for you.

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