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7 Helpful Tips for 2023 Tax Season

Whether you’re filing taxes for your business or just for yourself, adding another to-do to your busy schedule can be overwhelming. But with some strategic planning and helpful tools, you can avoid feeling the stress.

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Why Online Faxing is Better than Email | Fax vs Email


The question often arises, “If internet faxing offers an email address with the ability to send and receive faxes, why not simply use email?” It’s a valid question. At first glance, it might appear that sending a fax online is no different than sending it as an email attachment, but that’s where it gets interesting. The differences are subtle, yet critical.

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7 Best Fax Moments in Film and TV

Fax machines have been around for over 175 years now, so it’s no surprise they’ve been spotlighted in various TV shows and movies. Here we look at seven of the best fax moments on the big screen. Have you seen all these gems?

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Online Fax Provider Checklist

online fax services checklist

Approximately a decade after email lifted the burden of written communication from our everyday correspondence, email to fax service providers have lifted the burden of slow, incomplete and corrupted fax transmissions from our work and personal lives. But internet faxing isn’t just about making faxing more reliable. It’s also about letting you take greater control […]

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