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Secure HIPAA Compliant Fax Service for Healthcare | eFax Protect

An image of the HIPAA compliance logo, signifying eFax Protect's commitment to compliance.

Secure HIPAA Compliant Fax Service for Healthcare   Since 1996, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy Rule has been protecting patients’ personal information and giving them greater control over who has access to their medical records. For medical professionals, the rule has far-reaching implications. It governs how information about patients is collected, […]

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5 Benefits Of Online Fax Services For Law Firms

Explore the benefits of online fax services for law firms at eFax today.

Ever thought about how online faxing could totally transform your industry? Imagine this – no more dealing with clunky fax machines and paper messes. You can now send and receive faxes from computers or smartphones. No matter where you are in the world. As long as you have an internet connection and an email address, you […]

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Can I Fax My 1040 to the IRS?

An image of 1040 tax returns documents which can be faxed to the IRS.

It’s never too early to start preparing for tax season. Whether you file taxes on your own or rely on a tax professional to help, old-fashioned mailing can take a long time. While there are e-submission options nowadays, you might be looking for something more secure.  You can’t send your 1040 directly to the Internal […]

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An Inside Look Into Fax Integrations

An end-user revolutionizing their business communications with fax integrations.

Faxing is still a standard means of communication for many businesses. However, its role in the modern workplace is sometimes overlooked. Don’t let your organization miss out on the benefits of fax integrations. Fax integration is a way to integrate electronic faxing capabilities into your existing workflow. This can be possible with or without a […]

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How To Fax Multiple Pages | Guide

A man uploading multiple page documents via eFax.

The world may have moved on from bulky and outdated fax machines, but faxing remains one of the most reliable ways to send and receive documents. Thanks to secure online faxing services, it’s never been easier to transmit as many documents as you want from virtually anywhere — with nothing but an internet connection.  Faxing multiple […]

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Can You Fax SCI Documents?

An image of a classified, SCI document in the process of being faxed. Learn about the necessary security measures involved in this process.

Sensitive compartmented information (SCI) refers to a designation of classified and highly sensitive material that is mostly used within the government and its intelligence agencies. SCI documents require additional security measures beyond the standard classification levels. Dissemination of SCI documents is subject to strict protocols to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure.  So, can you fax SCI […]

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Fax Tracking: How To Know Where Your Fax Is

Fax Tracking

In the past, you’d send a fax only to be left wondering if it arrived or if the data got lost in the digital ether. Thankfully, these days you can see your fax’s precise status by using fax tracking.  Fax tracking takes classic technology and updates it for the digital age. With eFax, it’s easy […]

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What Is Cloud Faxing?

Cloud Fax

What is a Cloud Fax? As its name implies, cloud faxing is 100% cloud-based. Cloud Fax empowers you to send and receive faxes through an Internet fax service provider’s cloud-based platform. With this service, documents are sent and received over the internet instead of a traditional telephone line.  However, you don’t have to store data […]

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