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What is the Black Fax Prank?

The black fax prank can hurt your business and disable your fax machine. Learn how it’s done, and how to avoid black faxes with eFax.

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Online Fax Number Formats: International & Local Examples

Fax Number Format

Companies have used faxes for more than 75 years. Faxing has remained a solid workhorse in fields such as law, real estate, healthcare, transportation, and others. However, in recent years, more businesses have returned to faxing for its affordability and convenience. This time, however, they’re taking advantage of online fax services. If you want to set up […]

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The Best Internet Fax Services & Features for 2023

Best internet Fax Service

Many people are aware of the convenience and mobility that come with internet faxing. But have you considered the lesser-known aspects that truly revolutionize how you transfer and share documents?  It’s easy to mistake internet faxing as another method of internet file sharing, but it offers so much more. You can send faxes via multiple devices, just […]

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The Benefits of Internet Faxing

To stay ahead of the competition in today’s economy, it is essential to cut wasteful expenses with a lean and focused organization that makes customers feel good about doing business with you.

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How To Use a Fax Machine

Learn how to use a fax machine, step by step. Get instructions for setting up a fax machine and sending or receiving faxes. We also show you how to fax without a fax machine using an online fax service.

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