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eFax is a convenient online fax service that allows organizations and small business owners to get work done from anywhere. Send and receive faxes fast and easy—and you can do it from your computer, smartphone or tablet. Access the service at any time from anywhere, in part thanks to eFax MyAccount. Sending a fax online has never been easier!

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Business Advantages of eFax MyAccount's Online Fax Services

eFax MyAccount offers a complete and easy-to-use faxing solution to run your business more efficiently.


Stay organizedeFax MyAccount securely stores in the cloud every fax you send or receive. It archives each for you, so they’re available for retrieval anytime you need to. eFax MyAccount has a Folders toolbar for managing your files, a search box and an address book for storing your contacts


Go paperlessIf you want to cut down on paper clutter in the office and be environmentally responsible, eFax MyAccount is a great place to start. The service allows you to fax over the internet, and the cloud storage system lets you save important documents. eFax MyAccount integrates with cloud storage apps like Dropbox, Google Drive and iCloud, making it easy to fax documents from anywhere

Save timeThe ability to fax with eFax MyAccount on your computer, laptop or mobile device means no more wasting precious time searching for a fax machine if you’re traveling or waiting at the office to use one


Exude professionalismeFax MyAccount can help you stay professional with features like custom fax cover sheets and your choice of a local or toll-free number. You can also improve responsiveness by receiving inbound faxes emailed to you, regardless of your location


No software or hardware to maintainBecause eFax MyAccount offers full faxing capabilities over the internet, you don’t need special software or hardware. You get the benefits of a desktop fax machine—and even filing cabinets for storing your faxes—without the bulk or expense


Save moneyWith eFax MyAccount, you don’t need to keep up with maintenance and repair costs, monthly charges for an extra landline or buy supplies like paper or toner. As an all-in-one solution, eFax MyAccount offers everything you need to send, receive and review faxes


Stay mobileYou can send and receive faxes by email and through the mobile app. eFax MyAccount also offers local and toll-free fax numbers—meaning you can set up shop anywhere. All of these features make it easy to manage business communications at home, in the office, on the road or wherever you are

Send Faxes Online, by Email and Using Your Mobile Devices

When you sign up for eFax MyAccount, you can send faxes using any device that has access to the internet, i.e., home computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. This allows you to fax from anywhere, eliminating the hassle associated with traditional fax machines. 

eFax MyAccount offers multiple ways to safely send and receive faxes over the internet. With eFax MyAccount, you can do the following:

Sending a fax through eFax MyAccount is easy. Simply follow the instructions below. 

eFax MyAccount integrates with the eFax mobile app, which is compatible with iOS and Android devices. This enables you to view, send and receive faxes. Here is how to send faxes from your phone:

eFax My Account integrates with eFax Messenger, which offers advanced features for editing and sending faxes from your Mac or Windows computer. You can either use eFax Print Driver or Messenger Compose Fax. 

eFax Print Driver is installed when you install the eFax Messenger app. It works like any other app on your computer and should appear in every program you’ve installed. Simply “print” the document you want to the eFax Print Driver and enter the recipient’s information. eFax Messenger will transmit the fax.

To fax using Messenger Compose Fax:

Sending faxes from your email is easy with eFax MyAccount. All you need to do is create an email and attach up to 10 documents (maximum 18MB), then click “Send.” eFax MyAccount combines the documents you attach into one fax in the order you attached them to the email.

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