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GotFreeFax: What You Need to Know

Curious what sets eFax and GotFreeFax apart? First, let’s take a closer look at the services it has to offer. 

GotFreeFax is an online fax software available directly through its website. Users confirm it’s simple to send faxes with GotFreeFax. However, it lacks the features other online fax services like eFax offer. For instance, users cannot receive faxes—they can only send them. In addition, users have reported that the faxes sent through GotFreeFax are lower-quality compared to other online fax services or even a traditional fax machine. 

Compared to a more advanced online fax services, GotFreeFax is a limited service that may be best for a user who sends only a few faxes on occasion and who doesn’t need advanced features like the ability to receive a fax or add a digital signature.

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GotFreeFax Features

Unlike eFax, GotFreeFax does not allow users to integrate any storage services, such as Google Drive, iCloud or Dropbox. This means you cannot directly attach documents from these sources in order to fax them. There is also no storage option included within GotFreeFax, so users are responsible for storing their faxed documents on their own. 

Without a mobile app, users are limited to using GotFreeFax’s website to send their faxes. This can make it difficult to use the service on mobile devices like tablets or smartphones. 

Although GotFreeFax offers a free version, users can send just two faxes a day. Each of those two faxes is limited to just three pages. GotFreeFax also offers paid levels of service. One option is to pay per fax or prepay for faxes for your business. This means that a business can pay in advance for a certain number of faxes. Once the available fax credits have been used up, users will have to either seek another source for sending faxes or purchase additional fax credits. 

With GotFreeFax, users receive limited customer service support. The company does not have a phone number that users can call. However, you can email them and wait for a response. GotFreeFax also has an FAQ page where many common questions are answered.

Try eFax and see how easy it is to send documents online.

GotFreeFax vs. eFax: What's the Difference?

Customer Support

Access to support: As we mentioned above, GotFreeFax offers limited customer support for users. This means if you have a question or run into a problem, you'll likely be left waiting. The company does offer a toll-free line that you can use to fax your questions. You can also email customer service. However, some previous users have reported that it can take GotFreeFax several hours or more to return your email. If you're on a time crunch to send an important fax and you run into an issue, this can be a major hurdle. 

eFax offers more flexibility for customer support. You can reach a real agent via phone 24/7. Or if you prefer, you can use eFax's online chat function to speak to an agent. Email support is also available. If you're looking for a quick answer to common problems, both eFax and GotFreeFax have FAQ pages on their sites. GotFreeFax's website doesn't provide a complete overview of the service's features, while the eFax website does.


Variety of fax services: With GotFreeFax, users are limited to only sending faxes. The service lacks an inbound fax feature, making it incredibly limited, especially for businesses that frequently communicate via fax. Without the ability to receive faxes, customers using GotFreeFax do not get a permanent fax number. 

With eFax's online fax service, users get both inbound and outbound faxing capabilities. This means that eFax can completely eliminate the need for a traditional fax machine. You can send, sign, receive and even store your faxes straight from any device with an internet connection. You also get a permanent fax number that you can share with customers, employees and others who need to send you faxes.

Best Fax App

Flexibility offered by a mobile app: GotFreeFax is solely web-based. This means users have to go to the company's website to send their faxes. There is no mobile app at this time. Users looking to send faxes via a mobile device like an iPhone will have to use their phone's browser. 

But with eFax, users can choose from mobile apps for both Android devices and iPhones, as well as a desktop app for use with desktops and laptops with Windows 10. With the eFax Messenger app, users can get access to a variety of online fax services. 

Besides sending a fax, you can also add a custom cover page, sign your document digitally, mark up the document with notes, edit it, add annotations, create PDFs and more. The eFax app can even be used to fax directly from Microsoft applications—including Excel, PowerPoint and even Microsoft Word—using a print driver. You can integrate the eFax app with Microsoft Outlook and access any contact lists stored there.

icon storage

Free Online Storage: With GotFreeFax, users do not receive any storage options. In contrast, eFax offers free online fax storage. Your faxes are automatically stored in the cloud, where you can access them from any device at any time. You can even add custom keywords to your faxes to make them easier to find later on. Using the eFax Message Center, you can organize your faxes by putting them in folders or storing them by keyword. 

All online retrievals are protected by your own user password, so you never have to worry about the wrong person gaining access.

Integration with file sharing programs

File sharing options: Not all faxes are simple PDFs. Faxes can come in a variety of file types. eFax understands this. For that reason, users have the option to send and receive different file types. This includes not only PDFs, but also TIFFs, PNGs, DOCs and many more. eFax also allows users to share large files, like audio clips, high-res images and presentations. Your files can be as large as 3GB or any size if they are stored in a zipped file.

But with GotFreeFax, users are only able to send PDFs, DOCs and JPGs. This limits your ability to send the faxes you need without first converting them to one of these three file types.

eFax vs. GotFreeFax: Which Is the Better Option?

Round-the-clock support: When it comes to customer support, there’s no comparing eFax and GotFreeFax. That’s because the latter offers incredibly limited support. Your only options when you run into trouble are to send an email or submit a contact form on the company’s website. As GotFreeFax users have reported, both options are often very slow and may become a roadblock to getting your fax sent. 

With eFax, users get 24/7 customer service support with several communication options. Talk to a live agent over the phone or via chat. Send an email and get a quick response. To see for yourself what previous users had to say about eFax support, check out the eFax reviews page.

Outbound and inbound faxes: If you need to send and receive faxes, your choice is already made for you: eFax. Because GotFreeFax only offers outbound faxing services, it isn’t an option for individuals or businesses who also need to receive faxes. With GotFreeFax, you would need a traditional fax machine to receive your faxes. But with eFax, you get both inbound and outbound faxing—as well as a variety of services, like your own fax number, the ability to add custom cover pages and more.

Storing and referencing your faxes: With eFax, users can easily reference old faxes by searching for keywords or looking in their own custom folders. With free online storage, you never have to worry about losing an important fax. But with GotFreeFax, no storage is provided, and it is up to users to store documents on their own.

Integration with your favorite software and apps: With its limited services, it’s no surprise that GotFreeFax doesn’t support integration with third-party apps. However, the same cannot be said for eFax. With eFax, you can integrate with several apps, including Microsoft Word, Google Drive and more. You can even send and receive faxes through your existing email account, like Gmail or Yahoo.
Mobile applications: While you may be able to access the GotFreeFax website on a mobile device, the company does not offer an app for use on any device. But with the eFax app, you can easily take advantage of the company’s many tools and features from your mobile device. This makes it easier than ever before to send, store, edit and receive faxes on the go—no fax machine or phone line required!

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Why Should I Choose eFax over GotFreeFax?

From superior customer service to the availability of mobile apps that make it easy to send faxes on the go from any device, eFax offers a number of clear benefits over GotFreeFax.

While GotFreeFax provides limited online faxing solutions for those who need to send a single fax, the lack of storage, no integration with third-party apps and inability to receive faxes make it a poor option for businesses and individuals who need to send and receive multiple faxes.

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