Quick Facts About Cloud Storage For Business

Many businesses struggle with the management of their files and data, including backing up and secure storage. If you’re considering a cloud solution for online file storage, here are a few things you need to know.

Cloud storage is secure and safe

No system will ever be foolproof, but cloud storage comes pretty close. Unlike other physical storage systems, cloud platforms can’t be stolen, burgled, lost, or affected by natural disasters such as floods or earthquakes. When choosing a cloud provider, make sure they offer good security with passwords and 128-bit encryption of your data.

Easily accessible

Unlike physical storage mediums such as portable hard drives, using the cloud means that you can access your data from anywhere you have an internet connection. Use your laptop, tablet or smartphone to access your files at any time of the day or night.

Allows for file sharing

As well as providing secure online file storage, the cloud can also be used to share files with clients or colleagues. This puts an end to trying to send large files via email attachments. Instead, you can simply send a password to multiple users that they can use to download video clips, images, slideshows or other files of a large size.

Digital records of everything

Cloud storage is also a way of tracking your business’s communications history. For example, if you use a virtual fax solution from eFax, you can access your entire fax history from an online archive. This is very helpful when needing to quickly track down crucial documents. The cloud also enables the archiving of important emails that you need to keep.

Automatically backs up

A huge advantage to cloud solutions is that they back up copies of every file automatically. You can set the business rules about what gets backed up and when, and the system does the rest. This eliminates human error and lowers the risk of vital files not being saved. Data can also be easily accessed and restored in the event of a disaster that affects your office IT system.

Cloud solutions are responsive, dynamic and secure

There are also cost benefits to cloud storage. Because there are no physical resources involved, cloud storage can be easily scaled to your business needs, which means you’re not paying for space you don’t require. You also don’t have the expense of maintaining your own servers or hard drives for back up.

Cloud storage solutions offer far greater accessibility and security than traditional physical options, and it is well worth considering moving your data back up and storage to the cloud.