Digital Savvy Checklist for the Small Business

With the technology available today, small businesses can streamline operations, improve cost effectiveness and boost productivity. So how digital savvy is your business? See how your operations measure up against this handy checklist. Are you:

Using the latest tools for your business communications?

Communication plays a key role in small business. If you’re not using the latest tools, you run the risk of your business lagging behind. For example, smartphones lead the way as a one-stop shop for voice calls and using the internet and email while on the go. And are you still using an old office fax machine? You immediately cut the cost of paper, toner and maintenance, and make faxing much more streamlined, with a virtual fax system. With a virtual fax provider like eFax, you have a normal fax number and can send and receive faxes online from your laptop or smartphone for timely and cost effective communication.

Using the cloud?

The cloud is one of the best ways for small businesses to improve productivity and lower costs. Utilize the cloud as a way to share files, and allow group access to electronic mail, calendars and spreadsheets. Provide yourself and employees with the latest software to ensure everyone is working at optimum proficiency. There are many key office software programs than can be accessed online by multiple users at different locations, meaning there’s no need to keep buying the latest version or be tied to the office. You can also back up and store your vital business data in the cloud, and because it can scale up and down according to need, it’s cost effective to do so.

Taking advantage of the benefits of telework?

Telecommuting is easier than ever now. Tools like tele and web conferencing, virtual faxing from smartphones, and cloud platforms allow colleagues to access software programs from any location, collaborate on projects and keep in touch with clients. Telecommuting is a boon for many small businesses.

Employees can work flexible hours from different locations, enabling better work/life balance and greater productivity, and you can save money on the costs of running an office.

On the social media bandwagon?

Are you making use of social media? Social media plays an important role in online marketing, with new platforms and techniques popping up all the time. It’s cost effective to use, and allows you to reach your target market in order to showcase your brand, engage with customers and generate sales. Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram are all useful platforms for small businesses, depending on where your customers prefer to spend time.

Last, but not least, innovation with regard to the use of digital technology will help keep your business competitive into the future. So stay up-to-date with the latest technological advances, and continually reevaluate your procedures in order to stay digital savvy.