A Small Business Guide To Faxing Online

One of the challenges for a small business is finding new ways to save on costs, and yet stay efficient and competitive. Virtual faxing is one way to streamline and improve your business operations. Here’s a small business guide to the online fax, outlining some of the most popular features.

Online fax is mobile and accessible anywhere

Many small business owners spend time on the road, or work from both home and office. There’s also often no such thing as normal hours of operation! With an online fax system, you’re not tied down to the fax machine at the office. You can send and receive faxes at any time, from anywhere, as long as you have an internet-enabled device. With fax-to-email, you can use your laptop, smartphone or tablet to send documents anywhere around the world, whenever you need to – whether it’s after hours from home, or making sure that vital document is sent to a client before your lunch meeting.

An online fax is still like an actual fax

For all intents and purposes, a virtual fax is exactly the same as using a fax machine. You get a real fax number, and if the recipient has an office fax machine, your fax will arrive as normal as a physical page.

Where it differs is purely through better features. For example, the fax sends much faster – as fast as an email does. It also means you can send multiple faxes at one time, rather than having to wait for each separate page to go through. You can also create customized fax cover sheets. These can be saved in the cloud and easily adapted for different clients. Another benefit of using virtual faxes is that you can create a digital signature by taking a pic of it using your phone and uploading to your account. This too can be saved and re-used as needed.

Unlimited free storage and file sharing

Another benefit of using an online system to send faxes is that your fax exchanges are safely archived automatically. This free cloud storage means they are immediately accessible, which can be important if you need to make sure a document has been sent, or double check details in the event of a dispute.

You can also use your online fax account as a file sharing system. When you have videos, slideshow presentations or image-heavy files that you simply can’t attach to a normal email, you can upload them and send the intended recipient the link. They then simply download the files at their own leisure. This also frees up storage space on your own network, and allows you to send large files to multiple users.

Online faxes are a vital tool for small business

An online fax solution is an excellent tool for small business. It offers savings on paper and maintenance, and a level of mobility and flexibility that just isn’t possible with an office fax machine.