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How to Choose an Online Fax Service

how to choose an online fax service

Internet fax plans allow you to move away from old fax machines and toward modern digitalization. Newer tech has made it possible to send secure faxes without using a special device. Now, you can send documents without a fax machine and send them to people without a fax number.

There are many benefits of online fax services compared to traditional faxing machines. But how do you choose the right online fax service, and does online fax work? Here are some things to consider when choosing the right internet fax plan for your business.

What Should Top Online Fax Services Include?

Choosing the best online fax service might feel like an overwhelming task. There are many companies out there, and it can be hard to sort through the online fax service reviews to decide who you should trust with your business.

Before choosing the right faxing service, it’s important to know what you want to get out of it. Here is a quick list of questions you might have about modern faxing solutions.

  • Can you digitally sign the faxes with a saved signature? The right faxing service should allow you to save your electronic signature for quick and convenient future use.
  • How hard is faxing online? Faxing with a quality service should be as simple as email—only more secure and direct. Simply scan or attach your document and send it to your selected recipient with a receipt delivery.
  • Can I keep my fax number? Yes! Faxing services should allow you to keep your existing number to reduce the hassle of changeover as much as possible. Simply choose to keep your fax number during the signup process, and we can take care of all the details.
  • Can I get an international fax number? If you are a global business, an international number is important for your fax service. Your fax service should offer international numbers within their service areas so you can continue international services seamlessly.
  • Can I send and receive faxes internationally? Why feel restrained to only your country? With electronic faxing, you will have the freedom to fax to any country where your faxing company offers services.
Internationally Send and Receive Faxes
  • What devices are supported for internet fax? You can fax directly from your smartphone, laptop, iPad, tablet or computer. The beauty of electronic faxing is that you gain access through all kinds of devices. No more feeling tethered to a clunky fax machine in the office!
  • What equipment is needed for internet fax? With modern faxing solutions, you don’t need anything you don’t already have. No clunky, expensive faxing machines! Just send your faxes from your cellphone, tablet, laptop or desktop with just a few clicks. Download our app to make it even faster!
  • Do internet fax lines have busy signals? Another benefit of electronic faxing is that you don’t have to wonder if your fax will go through. Senders never face a busy signal, and you’ll never miss an important document.
  • What kind of documents can be sent? Your faxing service should be able to handle whatever types of documents you want to send. From PDFs to JPEGs and more, your service needs to send the documents you use. A great service will even allow you to “scan” documents with your device camera to send paper documents electronically.
  • How will productivity improve? Of course, your faxing platform isn’t worth much if it doesn’t make it easier to share secure documents. While scanners and fax machines will slow you down, your online faxing service should help you streamline everyday tasks. Features like saved signatures should make it easy to receive, save, edit and send faxes faster than ever before.

7 Things You Want in Your Online Fax Service

There are many benefits to deploying online faxing for your business. While pricing is essential, various online fax features and options will change the usability and efficiency of your current setup. Once you’ve determined what you need from your service, it will be easier to choose the right platform and package for your business.

We suggest taking some time to consider what features are a top priority for your company. Here are some fax requirements you may want to put in place for your company.

User Friendly Fax Interface

User-Friendly Interface

We hear all the time, “If I’m bad with technology, can I use internet fax?” The simple answer is: yes! If you can send an email with an attachment, you can send an electronic fax. Unlike traditional faxing, sending a fax online should be a user-friendly experience.

You want to choose a faxing service that offers a user-friendly interface, making platform and app navigation feel natural. It shouldn’t be hard to figure out how to add signatures, make edits, attach documents or select recipients.

Pricing Structure and Options

Do you need multiple people to use your online fax service? The right package will be able to handle the number of users on your team. Smaller packages will typically offer fewer email addresses. You shouldn’t be overcharged for the number of users you need to have on your account.

The price will change depending on the number of accounts you need and the number of pages you will send out every month. The faxing company should be able to scale to meet your needs. If you have a large company, most electronic faxing services will offer you enterprise solutions that are custom-fit to your needs. You can request a demo to learn how pricing structures work on a larger scale.

Platform Security

How safe are online fax services? Confidential communication is crucial for businesses in every industry. You need to protect your customers’ information and ensure your documents are delivered. With electronic faxing, you can ensure your messages are received and get the receipts to prove it.

Plus, your information is confidential when you use faxing. Traditional fax machines can be exploited by hackers and cyber criminals.

And, unlike email, our platform sends encrypted documents so information can’t be stolen. This makes it possible to conveniently send client information, patient files, company data and other confidential information. It’s important to choose a company with servers that provide consistent uptime and offer secure delivery for all your faxes.

Supported Countries

Choosing a fax company might come down to which countries are offered within the package. Choose a service that has expanded to include many countries so you can connect with partners and clients wherever they are located.

In the modern landscape, many businesses need to be able to reach beyond their country of origin and interact with people in other parts of the world. Don’t get left behind by companies that have a bigger footprint.

Fax Anywhere Anytime

Remote Capabilities

Not only should your platform be secure enough for remote work, but it should also enable access from anywhere at any time. Electronic faxing allows people to use various devices to access cloud-based faxing services. This modern faxing solution makes it possible for employees to fax while on the go or working remotely.

A convenient app makes it possible to use faxing from any device with a few simple clicks. A great platform should offer solutions that are easy to use and make sense to your team. Intuitive design should make it easy for you to switch from email to online fax.

Large File Sharing

You should be able to send large documents and files with your service if you need to. With email, large files are often marked as spam and blocked. If your electronic faxing service provides large-file sharing, you can send full-size files and avoid compressing important images, documents and videos.

There are times compression is the right option (like for web publishing), but many times it’s a necessary evil that leaves the recipient with a pixilated or blurry file. Compression lowers the quality by reducing document size, making it the wrong choice for many of your files. Most of the time, you will want to save full-size images to create a quality print, and online faxing makes this possible.

Helpful Support

Support should be available 24/7 to help you answer questions and get the help you need. Your faxing service should have reps that are helpful and knowledgeable. With so many electronic-based services today, it can be challenging to get ahold of a person representing the company.

You deserve live chat, email and phone options you can reach out to for your convenience. Choose a service that offers helpful support in case you need answers or troubleshooting for your faxing services. If something goes wrong, you don’t want to be left without support.

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