Can I Port My Existing Fax Number to eFax?

What You Need to Port an Existing Fax Number to eFax

To port your existing fax number to your eFax account, your phone carrier will require the following information:
Note: You can port only one fax number at a time.

Note: Qwest account numbers should be entered in the following format: XXX-XXX-XXXX-XXX. Qwest account numbers have a letter at the end; however, you may leave the letter off when filling out the port request. Also, the service address may be different than what is listed on your bill. Please check with your carrier, and submit the exact service address they have on file.

What it Means to Port a Fax Number

The short answer is that it means to transfer your fax number. You can port a fax number to a new provider or port a number away from your existing telecommunications company. Whether you are porting a number to or away there are often fees associated with the transfer request.

Why You Would Want to Port Your Fax Number to eFax

You would want to port your fax number in order to enjoy the latest features of online faxing. When comparing online fax services, not all services are created equal. Transferring your existing fax number to eFax would allow you to take advantage of the latest mobile applications, lower monthly fees, and even utilize features like unlimited online storage.