How Can I Organize My Faxes with eFax?

With unlimited online storage included with your eFax Plus® or eFax Pro™ service, you have access to all your faxes through your eFax account. eFax Message Center provides several tools to help you better organize your faxes for easier search and retrieval later. You can:

Search for Faxes in Your eFax Account

To search for faxes stored in your eFax account:

Add Tags to Your Faxes to Help You Find Them Later

To add a tag to a fax:

To view or remove tags from a fax:

Organize Your Faxes with Message Center Folders

To create a new folder:

To rename an existing folder:

To delete a folder:

Move and Delete Your Faxes in Message Center

To move a fax to another folder:

To delete a fax:

Keep Tabs on Your Fax Usage with Fax Activity Logs

To view detailed Send and Received Fax Activity Logs: