Customised Cloud Fax Solutions

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A flexible cloud fax service, used to deliver important and time-sensitive documents, eFax is a fax-by-email solution that lets your employees send and receive faxes digitally, from any computer, smartphone, tablet or other Internet-connected device.

Receive help anytime you need it — with a team of technical support personnel available 24/7, as well as personal attention and help customizing your solution from a dedicated account rep.

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With eFax as your cloud fax partner, your business will enjoy immediate and significant benefits like these:

Reduced fax issues and hassles

Stop managing and troubleshooting your fax servers and fax machines, maintaining software licenses and training employees on fax processes. Let eFax handle everything.


Fax by email from anywhere

Empower your employees to fax from anywhere — and take another step toward a paperless office — by sending, receiving and storing faxes digitally, by email and over the web.


More secure faxing

Send and receive faxes through the eFax cloud with the most advanced security and encryption protocols, and store them online with equally sophisticated protection measures.


Improved fax management

Enjoy centralised administrative control and visibility over all of your organisation’s faxing — including detailed usage reporting anytime — from an intuitive web portal.

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eFax MFP Fax Direct Feature

Another way eFax can help improve your organisation’s productivity and workflows is with the eFax MFP Fax Direct Feature — which lets you integrate your cloud fax service with your existing multifunction printers (MFPs).

With the MFP Fax Direct Feature, your employees can send a fax by email directly from the MFP glass when needed, but without the need for analogue fax phone lines.

The MFP Fax Direct Feature can offer your organisation many benefits, including:


Enhanced employee productivity

Your employees can fax directly from your office MFPs when they need to send a paper fax, and can make the process even simpler using the MFP control panel’s programmable “hot buttons” for frequently used fax numbers.


Improved fax security

Because eFax employs high levels of security and encryption to deliver your faxes —more secure than fax machines or fax servers — you can use the MFP Fax Direct Feature to boost the security of your paper-based faxes.


Reduced IT hassles

The MFP Fax Direct Feature lets you replace in-house fax servers and fax machines with a trusted cloud fax service — while gaining more value from the MFPs your IT team is already managing.


Another step toward a paperless office

Because your employees will no longer need to print or copy documents to transmit via a fax machine, the MFP Fax Direct Feature represents another step toward a paperless office.

eFax Secure

A complement to your eFax cloud fax service, eFax Secure™ adds another layer of security to your faxes — both while in transit, across the Internet, and while at rest in online storage on the eFax cloud.

eFax Secure uses advanced encryption standard TLS (Transport Layer Security), to ensure your fax documents are protected in transit from their point of origin on your company’s network to your recipient’s fax.

When a fax is sent to one of your employees, eFax Secure sends that employee an email with a URL to a secure site (protected by encryption and other security measures) — where the fax is awaiting download.

eFax Secure can be deployed in minutes, and offers security features unmatched in cloud faxing, such as:


Highest encryption levels

TLS encryption protects your faxes over the Internet; 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) security protects your inbound faxes. Read the TLS Datasheet here


Tier 3 servers at advanced data centres

eFax Secure employs the most sophisticated security measures, including state-of-the-art data centres with 24/7 protection and telco-grade severs to keep your fax data safe at all times.


Storage at multiple data centres

The eFax network also offers the added protection of online storage of your fax data at multiple data centres with failover capability — so your data is accessible even after a disaster.


Your data kept within the EU

Designed to help your faxing processes meet strict federal privacy regulations, eFax Secure also ensures your stored data never leaves the EU.

eFax Developer

If your business does a high volume of faxing, or you simply want an easy and seamless way to let your employees fax by email right from their CRM, ERP or Electronic Medical Records systems, the eFax Developer™ fax API is the solution for you.

Designed to provide businesses with all of the power, security and flexibility of an in-house production-class fax system — but without with hassle and expense — eFax Developer is an XML-based fax API that can meet your company’s high-volume faxing needs without the need to maintain any onsite fax infrastructure.

The eFax Developer fax API offers:


Improved fax security and compliance

eFax Developer uses the most sophisticated encryption protocols and fax-at-rest security measures to keep your data safe 24/7 and to help you comply with federal privacy regulations.


Centralised fax management

A complement to your eFax Corporate cloud fax service, eFax Developer lets you maintain total visibility and control over your fax usage — letting you manage group setups, add and remove fax numbers, and generate usage reports anytime.


True fax integration from an API

When you deploy our fax integration solution, it’s like having your own production-class server, but without the equipment, costs or maintenance headaches.


Optimised workflows

The eFax Developer fax API lets you easily integrate fax-by-email capability right into the CRM, ERP and Electronic Medical Records applications your employees use every day.



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