A Business Faxing Solution Customised to Your Industry

Secure Faxing for Healthcare

Do your organisation’s current fax processes meet NHS standards for protecting patient privacy? A leader in secure faxing since 1999, eFax is the cloud fax service used by NHS Trusts, hospitals, GPs and other leading healthcare organisations to securely transmit and protect highly sensitive documents.

Legal Faxing

Law practices and solicitors must send and receive confidential information frequently, and maintain client records — while keeping all of this data secure at all times. Trusted by 40% of the top law firms in the United States, eFax’s online fax service keeps your faxes compliant, ensures you meet regulatory requirements, and significantly lowers your faxing costs.

Faxing for Financial Services

In a dynamic, global economy, security and regulatory compliance is a must when transmitting financial records and data online. eFax’s secure and compliant business fax to email service helps you securely protect client data, boost productivity and cut faxing costs.

University & Educational Institutions

eFax improves the faxing process at schools and educational institutions by enabling your employees to send and receive faxes security by email. Augment the security of sensitive student data when transmitting transcripts, receiving applications, student records or HR forms and more.


Manufacturers of all sizes rely on eFax every day to improve their operations and streamline fax processes. There is no hardware or software required, and you can eliminate the need for fax servers, telco lines, and maintenance costs while improving compliance. In addition eFax integrates simply and conveniently into your existing systems.


Top transportation and logistics companies have already upgraded their fax infrastructure to the cloud. eFax enables you to rapidly and cost-effectively send and receive faxes by email and improve operational processes.

Real Estate Faxing

Cloud-based, paperless hosted faxing services from eFax not only keep organisations compliant, but improves operations for enhanced security, and enables you to send and receive faxes anywhere on the go, allowing for deals to be closed faster and more efficiently.

Faxing For Retailers

Send, receive, store and retrieve faxes in the cloud for faster responses to fax orders and vendor invoices. Retailers around the world turn to eFax to streamline their fax processes.

Faxing for Consulting Firms

Regardless of the industries that you advise, faxing remains a key role in daily business information exchanges, both in corporations and government agencies. With eFax, you can send and receive faxes through the cloud, using a computer or smartphone anywhere, anytime.



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