Can online faxing help a small business grow in Singapore

THE Singaporean economy is considered one of the original Asian Tiger economies, along with Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea.

The city-state has the reputation of being among the least corrupt countries in the world, and its economy is known as being business friendly.

When economies are ranked based on their ease of doing business, Singapore does well.

Grant Thornton’s Global Dynamism Index, which ranks the business growth environments of leading economies, Singapore ranks first in the world.

Some of the reasons Singapore topped the 60 countries are its political, legal and government framework. The high scores it gets for political stability, low level of legal and regulatory risk; access by firms to medium-term financing and the depth of domestic banking market; low corporate tax burden; low barriers to international trade and exchange flows; low unemployment; and high investment in IT.

Having such conditions to work with would be music to the ears of anyone who runs an existing business or wishes to start one.

Especially if it is a small or medium-sized business that someone wants to start and in which the entrepreneur would have to wear many hats.

And any entrepreneur would look for ways to cut costs and better manage their time. One of the ways a small or medium-sized business can save on time and costs is via internet fax or electronic faxing technology.

With electronic faxing, a business does not have to buy a physical fax machine and its accompanying supplies such as toner and paper.

All the business needs to use is their computer or laptop or tablet or smartphone.

This saves the business money on hardware and on buying toner and paper.

Not to mention, every time a physical fax machine breaks down, it has to be repaired or replaced. This is another area of cost saving to the small business owner.

And the space that was once occupied by the fax machine and supplies can be put to a different use by the small business.

Because the small business owner does not have to stand in front of a machine to send a fax or receive a confidential fax, there is no need to be tied down to the office to send or receive a fax.

The small business owner can send or receive a fax while on the go – even while they are heading to another meeting, for instance. They can now schedule meetings to make the best use of time because they are not tied to being in the office when a fax has to be sent or received.

The efax or electronic fax will drop into their email inbox – hence ensuring confidentiality and security.

This gives the small business owner flexibility and can help them manage their time better because they are able to arrange work at their convenience. This could mean an increase in productivity for the business, and over time may help with the bottom line.

The size of the document does not matter if a business uses electronic faxing. When huge files are emailed, emails can freeze. But with the efax, the size of the file does not matter. Videos, high-resolution images, and presentations can all be faxed electronically without freezing the system.

One of the premier companies that offers electronic faxing services is eFax.

Accessibility is one of the advantages of using eFax. This service includes cloud storage in which a small business owner can secure all their faxes. And an entrepreneur can fax a file from the cloud storage. They can also retrieve a fax easily from the cloud storage.

With the old physical fax machine, pages could get stuck in the queue. But with an electronic fax there are no skipped pages or lost faxes. Reliability is what eFax offers with the electronic fax.

eFax also offers the electronic signature feature. This enables an entrepreneur to send a fax while on the move. All they have to do is drag and drop the electronic signature onto the document that has to be faxed.

Another feature that eFax offers, is the PDF converter. If an entrepreneur has to open or send a file as a PDF, they can use eFax’s PDF converter.

eFax offers electronic faxing services via desktop, email, and mobile. They have an iOS app as well as an Android app.

With eFax, a business owner gets a 30-day free trial. After the trial period, prices start at $SUS15.95 per month. A business can send 150 pages free a month, and can receive the same number of free pages each month.

An enterprise can either get a new fax number or can transfer an existing fax number. eFax does not charge to have an existing fax number transferred.

If an enterprise has issues with the online faxing service, there is 24/7 customer support.

With electronic faxing, there is no need to buy a machine or to download any new software. No training is required because the entrepreneur would just be sending an email.

And one of the big issues of the day is the damaging cost of our lifestyle on the environment. Electronic faxing means an enterprise is one step closer to becoming a paperless office. And in this day and age, everyone wants to talk up their green credentials. Going paperless is one step in that direction.