Comparing RingCentral vs. eFax

RingCentral and eFax are two of the most popular faxing tools available today. Take a closer look at their essential features to help identify the best online fax solution for your needs.

What Is RingCentral?

RingCentral is a VoIP (Voice over IP) service. VoIP, in its most basic form, is a technology that enables users to make phone calls online rather than using conventional landlines. Its services are geared toward enterprises of all sizes and are intended to maximize productivity in a world that is becoming more digitally connected every day.


What Is eFax?

eFax is the world’s #1 online fax service provider. It enables users to receive and send faxes through an email account, a mobile device or a secure online portal. eFax clients can edit, organize and sign faxes digitally. If you need eFax Protect, eFax allows you to keep your faxes in a password-protected folder that you will be able to view and download.

Also, eFax attaches a unique fax number to users’ email addresses, eliminating the need to use a fax machine to send or receive your important faxed documents.

Features of RingCentral

The simplicity of the RingCentral phone system is its strongest selling point. After your first configuration, there is no longer a need for user manuals or pricey consultants. Call management, improved collaboration and connectors are some of the sophisticated functionalities you can use with RingCentral.

Here’s a list of additional features offered by RingCentral:

  • Turn your phone into a digital workplace with team messaging
  • Connect your business phone system to your current applications for increased productivity
  • Host online sessions with up to 200 attendees using large HD video settings
  • Listen in on calls between employees and customers so that you may give coaching
  • Transmit outgoing faxes to up to 50 recipients simultaneously
  • Use popular cloud storage services, including Google Drive, Box and Dropbox
  • Work with a wide variety of file formats such as MS Word, PDF, PowerPoint and Photoshop
  • Save up to 200 faxes in an online portal secured by a password

What Are the Differences Between RingCentral and eFax?

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve outlined the important differences between RingCentral and eFax below.

Dedicated focus

Dedicated focus: RingCentral offers businesses several communications products, including faxing and phone services. Faxing may be purchased alone or as part of one of their many available packages. However, RingCentral's broad focus means it delivers less robust faxing capabilities.

eFax is a complete fax solution for all of your needs. It provides comprehensive fax administration and enhanced productivity tools such as digital signatures and limitless storage are just some to help you maximize your productivity. Because eFax only focuses on online faxing, it stays on the leading edge of faxing technology.

icon esig

Electronic signing and management: The capacity of fax machines to deliver and receive legally binding papers in a verifiable form is the primary reason they are still widely used in contemporary businesses. RingCentral and eFax both make it simple for users to sign documents on iPhoneGmail or using an Android device .

Receiving faxes can not be signed or edited using RingCentral's existing fax-signing/editing functionality.

eFax customers are given access to valuable digital signature technology. As a result, there are no longer any papers to print, scan or save. Sending and managing your faxes are simple processes, such as how to send a fax through Yahoo or fax from Microsoft Outlook.

icon storage

Storage: RingCentral only allows users to store up to 200 faxes at any time. With eFax, it's possible to store faxes in various encrypted file types. Also, eFax features limitless fax storage for as long as your account remains active.

Customer Support

Customer Support: eFax gives all customers, no matter their membership tier, 24/7 customer assistance options, including chat, phone and email, for optimum service whenever you need it. While RingCentral provides around-the-clock assistance via the call and ticket system, phone support is not available for its basic packages.

Experience the Difference

Why Should I Choose eFax Over RingCentral?

eFax and RingCentral offer users a slightly different experience serving their faxing needs. eFax provides a broader range of functions to enhance the user experience.

Exceptional Customer Service

All eFax users get around-the-clock access to customer service representatives who may be reached via phone, email or live chat. Users who need a basic plan or want choices for continuous service might benefit from having access to eFax’s phone help, regardless of whether they scale up or lower their use.

Use of E-Signatures

Customers on the go are more interested in having the option to sign their faxes from any device to finalize a business transaction or provide permission for a purchase order. 

Through eFax, consumers can send and receive faxes using any device. In addition, the eFax mobile app allows clients to annotate, sign and return faxes without leaving the app.


eFax users can use advanced features such as the ability to change the transmission speed, the capability to update information and support for over 50 file types.

Free Online Fax Storage

Customers in specialized fields may be subject to continuous fax storage obligations. This requirement makes eFax an optimal choice for users that fax regularly and need greater storage.

Scale as You Grow

eFax offers competitively-priced packages that can meet your needs today and in the future. Ideal for growing businesses, eFax lets you increase to a higher-tier package as your fax needs evolve. 

eFax can also customize a package for you based on your specific business requirements. Whatever the size of your company, you can rely on eFax for top-quality online fax services at a competitive price.

What People are Saying about RingCentral

“I also found RingCentral missing fax-specific functionality. Specifically, it lacks inbound and outbound fax management, so you can tag and search faxes, or at the least sort by inbound and outbound faxes. While the scheduling makes it easy to do high-volume faxes, the lack of fax management makes the service less conducive for a highly active fax line.” – Tom’s Guide


Features of eFax

eFax is the ideal service provider for anyone wanting to receive, send and sign faxes from a smartphone, tablet or desktop. It offers both toll-free fax numbers for a national appeal as well as local fax numbers to cater to a specific region. eFax’s easy-to-use features allow clients to search for fax numbers in their address book, manually enter new recipients and send to multiple people at once.

Close a deal or sign a purchase order with ease. Using an online fax service eliminates the need for antiquated fax machines and the complexities of faxing over a dedicated phone line.

Send and receive faxes in minutes. Start faxing now. Find out how you can save money and time by managing your faxes online by contacting us today.

What People are Saying About eFax

Try eFax and see how easy it is to send documents online.

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