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Comparing eFax vs. Nextiva

Here's what you need to know about these top internet fax service competitors.

A Closer Look at Nextiva

Nextiva is an online technology provider that gives businesses access to many different services, including Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), customer relationship management (CRM) systems, data backups and online faxing.  Their faxing product is available at three levels of service: Single User, Small Business, and Business Pro. Each product offers tiered pricing and different page limits.

Choosing Between eFax and Nextiva

Fax number availability

Fax number availability: One of the first things you have to do when setting up a new online fax account is to choose a fax number. With Nextiva, customers are more limited in their choice of fax numbers. It allows you to port your existing fax number over to your new service if you choose. If you need a new fax number, they also let you choose a new one, including a local fax number, as long as the number originates within the U.S. However, Nextiva does not allow you to use a toll-free or international number. eFax offers customers more flexibility, including the ability to choose a new international, local or toll-free number. You can also port over your existing fax number with eFax.

Integration with file sharing programs

Integration with file sharing programs: If you're hoping to integrate your new online fax service with any existing file-sharing solutions that your company already uses, Nextiva may not be the best choice. Currently, it does not integrate with any external cloud-based services. But when you choose eFax, you can connect your new online fax account to many different cloud-based file storage solutions, such as Google Drive, Box, Dropbox and iCloud. It can even integrate with these file-sharing programs through your mobile devices, such as an iPhone or Android device. You can choose your file directly from any of these storage programs. This integration option also makes it easier to quickly store any new faxes that you receive.

Number choices

Faxing outside the U.S.: Nextiva does not currently support international faxing. If your business deals with customers or branches that are located outside of the U.S. and you frequently find yourself needing to fax documents overseas, eFax is the better online faxing solution. With eFax, you can receive or send international faxes. Because no phone line is required, you can even get a fax number that is local to your address in many different countries around the world, making it even easier to send faxes internationally.

Experience the Difference

Nextiva vs. eFax: How to Make the Right Choice

As you can already see, eFax offers a number of clear benefits over Nextiva, making make sending an online fax from your computer or another device a breeze. Let’s take a closer look at why eFax might be the best choice for your business.

  • Sign and manage documents with ease: Businesses in a variety of industries, from insurance to healthcare to real estate, frequently find themselves needing to sign documents and then fax them. Having the ability to sign and annotate a fax digitally can help shorten this process so you can send your documents where they need to go as quickly as possible. Nextiva does not allow users to sign faxes digitally — eFax does. Using eFax, you can quickly sign, annotate and send faxes from your choice of a connected device. If your business relies on speed, having this tool can make all the difference.
  • Access to live help: While eFax’s intuitive platform makes it quick and easy to get started with online faxing, if you do happen to run into questions, you can rest assured that you can get help from a live agent at any time. eFax offers around-the-clock customer service from real support agents, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customers can choose to reach out via phone, email or even online chat. While Nextiva does offer customer service support, the hours are very limited. If you find yourself needing help outside of normal business hours, you may be forced to wait until the next day. This can cause costly delays in your work process, especially when you need to send a time-sensitive fax.
  • Store your faxed documents: Having the ability to quickly reference old faxes—and keep them on hand—can be vital for many businesses. Whether you need to reference old patient records or find yourself in a legal situation and need to provide old documents, having an online fax service that allows you to store your faxes for life can be a huge weight off your shoulders. However, Nextiva only allows users to store faxes for up to six months. After that time, your faxed document is purged, and you won’t be able to retrieve or reference them. This means that if you need to store any documents for a longer period, it will be up to you to do so. With eFax, customers get free online fax storage for all of their faxes, including inbound and outbound. Every fax you send or receive is automatically stored. You can even use keywords to label your faxes and make it easier to find them later on in the eFax mobile app or web portal.

Here's What Real Users Have to Say About Nextiva

Take a look at these Nextiva reviews to learn what real users are saying say about their online faxing services:

“The Non-Profit organization that I work for has had an account with Nextiva since January 2017. Set up as they stated that they could handle our fax to email account as a tax exempt account and would be very easy to use. They lied. Always be difficult to use, customer service is a nightmare and they started charging us taxes in 2020. They are highly unprofessional and we are now in a battle to cancel our account as they are refusing to do so. I’m not even our Office Manger anymore but being asked to assist with canceling the account as they state they will only talk to me.” – Consumer Affairs

“There isn’t much good about this system. The simple interface seems attractive to those who don’t have much experience with phone systems or have been working with clunky interfaces like Cisco’s CUCM. But you’ll quickly find out that the interface is all for show. Basic changes to ring groups (Nextiva Teams) often don’t take. Editing call flows is a nightmare and extremely difficult to trace the flow because even though the call flows are graphical, they are not interactive. This means if a call flow sends a call to a different flow you have to back out of the flow you have open. Then find and open the other flow. The CRM is far too basic for even small companies. And support will do everything they can to blame the customer for any and all call quality issues.” – G2 Business Software Reviews

What People are Saying About eFax

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Other Competitors

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