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An Overview About FaxZero

If you need to send faxes often, FaxZero is worth considering. It’s a free service with regenerating page allotment and is an excellent choice for those who don’t want to pay for faxing services or require the capacity to receive faxes.

You can send faxes for free with FaxZero. However, there are limitations. For instance, you can only send a maximum of five faxes a day, and the length of each fax is limited to three pages plus the cover page.

Features of FaxZero

Over 24 million faxes have been sent globally using FaxZero. So if you need to send the occasional online fax but don’t want to spend money in the process, you should try FaxZero. Online faxing in the United States and Canada is now a breeze, thanks to this freemium faxing service.

Other valuable features of FaxZero include:

    • Easy to use: It only takes a few seconds to send your fax online. The platform requires no technical expertise and no learning curve.
    • Multiple file formats: You may upload a wide selection of file formats using FaxZero, including Word, Excel, PPT, PDF, text and image files.
    • Free in the U.S. and Canada: Sending and receiving faxes online using FaxZero is entirely free of charge inside the United States and Canada.
    • Fax to anywhere for a minimal fee: Send faxes to almost any location on the planet for a small fee.
    • Delivery receipt: Sending a fax with FaxZero eliminates delivery concerns. When the fax is successfully sent, you get an email verifying receipt. 

    What is the difference between FaxZero and eFax?


    Sending and receiving faxes: eFax users get a unique fax number and can send and receive faxes at any time, whether day or night. FaxZero enables users to send online faxes, but the service doesn't support receiving faxes.

    Mobile Compatibility

    Integration with mobile devices: eFax users may install the eFax mobile app, which is available for iOS and Android devices, to transmit, receive, annotate and affix signatures on virtually any mobile device. Unfortunately, FaxZero can only be accessed with an internet browser.

    Added Features

    Overall functionalities FaxZero provides basic faxing functionalities, while eFax offers advanced features for maximum user experience. These include integration with third-party apps, fax editing, eSignature, unlimited cloud storage and improved security features.

    Customer Support

    Customer Support: eFax customer support is available via a variety of channels 24/7, including phone, email and live chat. FaxZero only has an FAQ page, plus an option to send an email if the FAQs are unable to address customers' concerns.

    Why should I choose eFax over FaxZero?

    eFax has many compelling advantages over FaxZero:

    • Quality: FaxZero is the best option for transmitting documents that are composed mainly of text. That’s because most of the information in your images will be lost during transmission. With eFax, you may scan and email photographs without sacrificing image quality. Considering how important images are in many faxes today, this is an important distinction.
    • Technical support: FaxZero does not have a support phone number and does not publish its contact hours on its site. They provide an email address ([email protected]), but according to many users, the service doesn’t consistently deliver a timely answer. The FaxZero website has a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section that may provide solutions to the majority of your queries. On the other hand, eFax offers round-the-clock customer support through email, live chat or phone. 
    • Watermarks: Because it’s a free service, FaxZero’s branding will be prominent on the cover letter of your faxes. As a result, the recipient may not instantly know who sent them the fax. eFax allows businesses to use their company’s logo. This way, all the faxes you send are instantly recognizable and professional-looking. 
    • End-to-end solution: FaxZero does not offer its customers the ability to receive faxes. eFax offers a full range of faxing options, including sending and receiving faxes, annotating faxes and storing them in the cloud.
    • Limitations and capping: With eFax, users can benefit from lifetime storage, high-volume faxing and integration with cloud solutions, such as Google Drive, iCloud and Dropbox. FaxZero’s free tier only allows you to send three pages at a time. Also, the number of free faxes you may send daily is limited to five. Plus, you can’t send over 25 pages in a single transmission, whether you’re using their subscription service or not. FaxZero is helpful for transmitting basic faxes but is clearly insufficient for large-volume transmissions. After three days, FaxZero permanently removes all faxes received.
    • User interface: In terms of design, eFax is more attractive. Plus, it’s simple to operate, thanks to a well-documented user manual. FaxZero makes money through advertisements that appear on the site’s homepage. Overall, the site’s design is not very appealing because of intrusive ads.
    • Security: FaxZero’s servers are kept up to date with the latest security patches so outgoing faxes are encrypted using TLS or SSL. With eFax, there are many ways to protect your messages while in transit, including numerous encryption techniques. FaxZero users can only access the application using a web browser. This means if they leave their browsers unattended, confidentiality issues may arise. eFax users get personal inboxes to maintain document confidentiality.
    • Pricing: To use FaxZero’s paid fax service, you must pay a fixed fee for a limited number of pages, including the cover sheet. FaxZero’s Almost Free Fax plan may cost more than a premium subscription in the long run if you only need to send multi-page faxes occasionally. eFax provides a more affordable solution for your regular faxing needs.

    What People are Saying about FaxZero

    “FaxZero is a lightweight option for faxing that’s viable if you have limited and infrequent faxing needs, but not a great choice for heavier faxing loads. Nor is it an option if you need to receive faxes, as you won’t get a fax number to call your own. While FaxZero is simple and free to use (at least in North America), it lacks any of the polish, depth and niceties of centralized inboxes and trackable accounts.” – Tom’s Guide


    What People are Saying About eFax

    Try eFax and see how easy it is to send documents online.

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