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FAX.PLUS vs eFax

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An Overview of FAX.PLUS

FAX.PLUS is a popular cloud-based online fax service targeting solopreneurs, small to medium-sized businesses, and large enterprises. Its fax offerings contain five levels, including a free tier where new users can send up to 10 free faxes. All subscription tiers provide free online storage, fax scheduling, mobile control, and electronic signature capability (albeit only via the mobile app). The highest tiers include Slack and Zapier integration, advanced security controls, and free dedicated fax numbers capped at two per account (with additional lines costing more). Plus, fax customers have to pay overage fees for extra pages under the free plan.

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What is the difference between FAX.PLUS and eFax?

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Send a fax with electronic signature capability: FAX.PLUS users can digitally sign and send faxes using its convenient Android and iOS-based apps. eFax, on the other hand, is a device-agnostic online fax service that enables users to digitally sign documents through the easy-to-use website, mobile app or desktop app. With seamless access to advanced features like finger swipe technology, users can add an electronic signature and send time-sensitive documents within seconds. Where FAX.PLUS users are limited to editing pages via the mobile app, eFax users can annotate documents with contextual notes and markup tools through all connected devices.

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Maximum supported file size: FAX.PLUS users can simultaneously send 10 different files not exceeding 20 MB. While eFax has the same file limit for faxing, it has an additional feature called Large File Sharing through which users can upload and share up to 3 GB of files with 20 recipients simultaneously. This feature is useful for those who frequently work on projects with distributed teams, since it negates the need to sign up for an FTP solution to exclusively manage online file transfers. Plus, recipients don’t have to be an eFax member to receive files. When a recipient downloads the file, the sender will get an instant email notification alerting them that the file has been viewed.

Integration with file sharing programs

File format support and integration with file sharing programs: Productivity comes in all formats. eFax supports over 170 standard file types so users can focus on making work happen on the go, rather than wasting time and fighting headaches converting pages to approved formats to send a fax. FAX.PLUS, on the other hand, only supports Adobe PDF files, Microsoft Word documents (DOC and DOCX), Microsoft Excel files (XLS and XLSX), Text files (TXT), and JPG, PNG, TIFF image file formats. While FAX.PLUS shines in collaboration with Slack integration, eFax boosts productivity and profits by bestowing users with the convenience of sending and receiving faxes directly from applications like MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint; email clients like Outlook and Gmail; or from cloud storage programs like Google Drive (Google Docs), iCloud, and Dropbox. This removes the need to print out the document before faxing it.


Toll-free and local fax numbers: eFax and FAX.PLUS both allow businesses to reinforce a relevant national and regional presence with toll-free and local fax numbers. Users can send faxes from email or mobile devices to different countries, and even get an international fax number to mark themselves as a global leader beyond the United States. But, this feature is excluded from FAX.PLUS’ base plan, meaning a custom fax number comes at a premium price. eFax, however, provides toll-free, international, and local fax number options to all subscription tiers.


Customer support: FAX.PLUS’ customer support is limited to an online help center and email. eFax’s award-winning customer service features multiple support channels — email, phone, live chat, and an online help center. Together, they offer customers unmatched peace of mind with timely and reliable support that’s available 24/7.

Why should I choose eFax over FAX.PLUS?

Electronic signing and management:A strong pull for online fax services is that users are not bound to a physical fax machine. They can scan, review, send and receive fax pages with a push of a button through any device. FAX.PLUS limits digitized signatures to its mobile app, but eFax users have the opportunity to utilize the power of fax wherever they are — on all devices and from more than 40 different countries— making it a true cross-platform and global service. Users can quickly download, add text with annotations, and sign pages through any connected device.
Large File Sharing: Eye-catching presentations, file collections supporting a successful project, and brand-promoting high-resolution images have large file sizes, making it a hassle to share with colleagues. Many creators resort to compressing files, which gets the sharing done but ends up lowering the file quality. This isn’t a problem eFax users have to face. Through its Large File Sharing feature, eFax users can upload and share files up to 3 GB in size. The recipients don’t need to be an eFax user to receive the files. All in all, eFax customers can shift full-focus to being creative and efficient instead of scrambling to find ways to send a big file to a colleague.
Customer service: Users seeking FAX.PLUS support will have to wait for an email response or browse through the library of frequently asked questions for guidance. Enterprises usually have multiple processes anchored to the timely delivering and receiving of critical faxes, and cannot afford to wait for hours and days to get a technical glitch sorted. eFax has a dedicated team of support agents available 24/7 via phone, email, and live chat for all its users.
Storage and retrieval: Documents are the pulse of business and can quickly add up. Manually sifting through thousands of received files from different countries to find a single contract is chaotic and cumbersome. FAX.PLUS saves inbound and outbound faxes for future reference, just like eFax. But it doesn’t offer customers any organizational tool to quickly sort and search for a specific file. eFax users, on the other hand, can seamlessly label each stored fax with a relevant keyword, and use the handy search tool to retrieve any particular file on the go. This saves plenty of headaches when trying to quickly access an archived file from years ago.

Try eFax and see how easy it is to send documents online.

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