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FaxBurner vs. eFax: A Complete Review and Comparison of Services

FaxBurner: Mobile Faxing Solution with Reasonable Page Limits

FaxBurner is an online faxing service that provides users with the ability to turn their Android or iOS devices into portable fax machines. The service is primarily mobile-based and allows users to digitally sign their faxes from within the app—removing the hassle of having to print, sign and scan every document that needs a signature. FaxBurner also supports fax to email, eliminating the need for paper, ink and a clunky fax machine.

Online faxing remains one of the most secure and trusted ways to send sensitive documents online, and the faxing service you choose must carry features that are suited to your specific needs. Below, we’ll be reviewing and comparing FaxBurner vs. eFax to show you why eFax is the online fax service of choice for millions of customers worldwide.

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FaxBurner Features

  • Mobile compatibility: FaxBurner is app-based and can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play. FaxBurner does not offer a desktop app.
  • Email fax: FaxBurner lets you send faxes via email using fax-to-email technology. Just compose an email, type in the recipient’s fax number in the subject line, attach the PDF document you want to fax and send the email to [email protected]
  • Storage and retrieval: FaxBurner stores faxes on your device. This way, you can retrieve them whenever you need to, even when you’re not connected to the internet. It also integrates with third-party storage solutions such as Dropbox
  • Number options: Upon registration, FaxBurner users get a temporary/disposable fax number that’s good for 24 hours. You can ask for another one should you need it. To get a permanent fax number, you’ll have to subscribe to their paid plans
  • Custom cover pages: FaxBurner includes coversheet templates that users can edit and customize. They’re available as PDFs, Microsoft Word documents or Apple Pages templates

Comparison Between FaxBurner and eFax

eFax and FaxBurner may seem similar on the surface, but there are significant differences. Let’s take a deep dive to flesh out those differences.

Customer Support

Customer service: FaxBurner offers an email or telephone number for customer service, and says it tries to respond to all customers within 24 hours. FaxBurner customer support is limited to an FAQ on their website and via in-app email. eFax offers award-winning customer support 24/7. Users can reach an eFax agent anytime via phone, email or chat. There’s also a FAQ on the eFax website and several pages of content explaining each feature.

Best Number Choices

Dedicated fax numbers: At setup, FaxBurner offers you a free fax number that expires after 24 hours. You can choose to retain the number by upgrading to a paid plan. You can also use a toll-free number, but FaxBurner doesn't offer local or international numbers. eFax offers a variety of options. You can port your existing fax number or choose a local, toll-free or international number (from over 40 countries). Even better, eFax lets you have multiple fax numbers per account.

Added Features

Accessibility: Both eFax and FaxBurner have a mobile app, but eFax offers more ways to fax. eFax users can fax not just from their mobile devices but also from their desktops and laptops. eFax has a dedicated desktop app, can be accessed online via a web browser and users can even turn their documents into a fax by printing them to eFax Messenger. With FaxBurner, you can only fax using the mobile app and through email.

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Storage and retrieval: FaxBurner stores your faxes on your mobile device, which means the storage limit is tied to your phone's storage capacity. eFax, however, provides unlimited cloud-based storage. This means your faxes don't take up space on your phone or device. Plus, because you can tag your files, they can easily be retrieved.

Mobile Compatibility

Electronic signature: Both eFax and FaxBurner provide the ability to electronically sign faxes by attaching a saved signature to the fax you want to send out. eFax, however, takes this capability up a notch through finger swipe technology, in which users can sign faxes straight from their mobile device screen. This makes it easy to sign faxes on the go and without printing or scanning any document.

Integration with file sharing programs

File sharing: The ability to share different file formats is important especially when you work in a team. FaxBurner, however, does not provide any file sharing capability. On the other hand, eFax supports 170+ file formats. You can also share large files by sending a secure link to up to 20 email addresses.

Why Should You Choose eFax over FaxBurner?

eFax offers:
    • Multiple ways to fax: Fax from your desktop using eFax Messenger or your smartphone or tablet via the mobile app.
    • 24/7 customer service: Contact support for any concerns via email, chat or phone.
    • Varied number choices: Port your existing fax number or choose a toll-free, international or local number. You can also have multiple numbers, up to 10 fax numbers, on your eFax account.
    • Cloud storage: Get unlimited cloud storage and retrieve your old faxes with ease.
    • File sharing: Send large files to multiple users at once. eFax supports up to 170+ file formats.
    • Multiple email faxing options: Send a fax from YahooOutlookGmail or any other email program.

    Try eFax and see how easy it is to send documents online.

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