Is Fax Dead?

In a time where e-mail, text and instant messaging fuel communication, it seems odd to admit that the fax machine is still alive and well. In fact, most of us assume it isn’t, and many Millennials can’t think of a time where they’ve ever needed to send a fax. Yet according to the statistics, there are billions of faxes sent each year worldwide. So why is fax still breathing?


As technology has evolved, people have become more and more concerned with security. Why? Because unfortunately, any data stored or sent using the Internet is at risk of being hacked. Unless you’re using heavy encryption software or have an expertly secure password, there is a chance your privacy could be breached.
Fax machines do not have this problem. They transmit information by turning visual content into a bitmap, and transmitting it through the telephone via a series of different audio tones. How can that possibly be hacked? People who feel uncomfortable uploading or sending personal information via the Internet may turn to fax machines to share data for this very reason. As much as they may want to adopt newer approaches to communicating, their privacy is far more important. With all the stories about hacking in the media, it’s easy to see why they get scared. Thanks to these wary people, fax lives. However, security isn’t the only reason for continued use off his older method.


Use of fax machines is also popular in countries where electronic or digital signatures are not yet recognised as legal. When physical signatures are needed, one can easily receive a document via fax, sign it, scan it, and send it back. If you think of all the industries that require signatures – from the legal system, to finance, to education, that’s A LOT of faxes. In these places, people need fax machines to avoid having to travel every time they need a document signed.

Internet access

Fax machines are also used in places where people do not have access to an Internet connection (or it is very weak). Because fax machines rely on the telephone rather than the Internet, they enable people to communicate and/or exchange important documents in areas where it would otherwise be extremely difficult or time consuming.

Online faxing

There’s also good news for people want the security of a fax machine, without being stuck in the dark ages – the invention of online faxing. Online faxing incorporates the same concept behind traditional faxing, but utilises the Internet to send and receive faxes anytime, anywhere from a variety of devices. There’s even apps that let you send on the go! Online faxing is very useful for those living in countries where digital signatures are recognised, because many programs allow you to easily save a digital signature and paste it onto documents. This saves people and businesses time and energy.
Online fax companies like eFax also strive to deliver the same high security that people expect when using a fax machine. Their faxes are SSI-encrypted and stored in a personal, secure web-based inbox that uses 128-bit encryption. The inbox itself also ensures that faxes are permanently stored and retrievable at any time. Eleven million customers have peace of mind while using eFax to send their faxes. You too can give it a go with their 30-day free trial and discover why people are converting to online faxing.