How the online fax can grow your business in Malaysia

THE Malaysian economy is considered one of the most competitive in the world.
It has a diversified economy, and among its exports are electrical appliances, electronic parts and components, palm oil and natural gas, according to a World Bank overview.
Businesses, no matter the size, look to ways to automate certain tasks to make for better productivity and to stay ahead of the competition.
One of the ways to make better use of time in the workplace is the switch to electronic faxing.
The electronic fax or virtual fax or efax uses the internet to send and receive documents.
It is one of the key implements in becoming a paperless office.
This means that an office need not have a physical fax machine, and its supporting accessories such as paper and toner.
The electronic fax is one of the efficient tools of the modern workplace. With efax, an entrepreneur can ensure better use of staff time, accessibility of faxes, safe storage of faxes and most important, confidentiality.
Let us go through each of these points one by one.
With better use of time – it means that an entrepreneur does not have to physically stand at a fax machine and manually feed each page into the machine to fax it across to someone. Now he or she can send it with the click of a button and it drops into the recipient’s email inbox.
This means that a fax can be sent when the entrepreneur is out of the office – they can be on their way to a meeting with clients, suppliers, etc. They do not have to be at a physical workplace to send the fax. Instead, they can be out and about getting more customers or better deals while they send a fax on the move.
Just as they can send a fax, so they can receive a fax while out of the office. For instance, if there is a confidential fax to be received, it would drop into the recipient’s email inbox. It will not be sitting on a physical fax machine in the office, at the mercy of the inquisitive. So the entrepreneur need not cancel a meeting and rush back to the office to receive it.
With electronic faxes, they can be accessed with a few clicks of the button. There is no need to print the fax. If an entrepreneur is attending a meeting, he or she need only refer to the fax in the inbox.
A company like eFax offers many features that makes online faxing even more convenient with cloud storage.
With business broadband in Malaysia ensuring high speed connectivity, sending of videos is much easier and downloads are much quicker.
Sending a huge file via electronic fax is not an issue. And heavy files can be stored in the cloud. Accessibility is one of the advantages of using eFax. Their service includes cloud storage in which a small business owner can secure all their faxes. They can retrieve a fax easily when needed and store all documents safely in the cloud.
An entrepreneur can even fax a file from the cloud storage.
With eFax, an entrepreneur can choose from more than 300 local Malaysia fax numbers or 10,000 international numbers
The cost is USD$16.95 a month.
eFax offers 24/7 support. Unlike with a physical fax machine, when the machine got jammed, the office would have to wait till the repairman got there to see what was wrong and fix it. eFax’s 24/7 support makes this wait a thing of the past.
eFax allows customers to send faxes online, via email, desktop or mobile.
Another feature from eFax is the digital signature. This is useful when an entrepreneur is out of the office and needs to fax a document that needs a signature. How would he or she do it? There are two ways to sign. The entrepreneur can store a photo of their signature. They can then drag and drop the signature onto the document before faxing it.
The second way is when they are using their mobile to fax via the eFax Mobile App. The new Finger Signatures allows the user to use their finger to trace their signature on the screen.
So there is no need to rush back to the office to sign a document that needs to be faxed urgently. This can be done even when the entrepreneur is out of the premises.
All this goes a long way to making a workplace a paperless office. There is no clutter of papers gathering dust and there is no need to physically file the faxes. That space can instead be put to other purposes especially if the business is an SME and space is at a premium.
The space occupied by the fax machine as well as the area used to store fax supplies such as paper can be put to other use in a small enterprise.
With going paperless, a business can boost its green credentials. One of the key points modern workplaces like to promote is their green reputation. Going paperless helps the forests; in other words, it helps the environment. Doing your bit for the environment, no matter how small, goes a long way in showing how the organisation cares about the living planet.
Another of eFax’s standout features is the PDF Converter – faxes that have been received can be converted into PDFs. Converting a file into a PDF will make it easier to review or to forward if needed.